Green and renewable inventions from Scrubbis

06 Apr 2014
The new hull cleaning product from Scrubbis

The new hull cleaning product from Scrubbis

Marine and Industrial has signed an exclusive agreement with Swedish company Scrubbis which markets itself as focusing on green and renewable inventions.

Scrubbis new to the UK market and designed as a simple yet effective way of keeping the underside of all water craft free from weed and slime, with the expense of having to lift vessels from the water.

Particularly suitable for cruisers and club racers, the product allows owners to minimise the use of antifoul.

“The Scrubbis head is made from a patented foam which, when fully submerged, gives 2kg of buoyancy and has a series of foam fins which work to release any lightly attached weed and slime,” said Marine and Industrials’ partner Robin Mace. “It’s an ideal product for those who do a lot of racing in particular as it can be used without any antifoul at all making it totally non-toxic.”

The product works by utilising the buoyancy of the foam head, which brings it up to the bottom of the hull allowing its fins to release weed and slime.

“There have been a number of attempts to produce a product like this in the past but they have been very expensive,” said Mr Mace. “The Scrubbis is different as it’s very easy to use, very lightweight and replacement heads are available.”