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Take a tip from the fish tank world

07 Apr 2010
Barton designed the roof traveller system forSealine’s SC35

Barton designed the roof traveller system forSealine’s SC35

Every so often we hear of products from completely different industries that could make it big in the marine industry, writes Peter Nash. And the sealants sold by Hutton Supplies could be one of them.

Hutton specialises in sealants and adhesives. But theirs are rather more than the usual sealants and adhesives we deal with. Because they operate under water. And the company’s main markets are 30% aquatics, 60% automotive and 10% marine.
The company has dallied with Seawork in the past, but BB thought it might be worth highlighting their products to the leisure marine industry. Hutton’s sealants can be used dry or wet. So they can – and are – used for boatbuilding. And they can be used for making an emergency repair while afloat.
To cure, they use oxygen from the water or the air – it doesn’t make any difference. Hutton’s Tony Piggott said the curing rate isn’t altered much by being under water or in the air. It’s the temperature that counts, he said, and the colder it is, the longer it takes.
The optimum temperature is around 16ºC. That will see a 2mm thickness of the sealant set in 24hrs, said Mr Piggott. It sticks instantly, but takes 24hrs to cure.
So you could use it as an emergency fix – as long as it wasn’t under pressure. An emergency patch on the outside will be fine: a patch on the inside will need bracing.
‘It’ll stick to most things – wood, GRP, aluminium – just about anything,’ said Mr Piggott. ‘There aren’t many things it won’t stick to.’
It’s manufactured abroad by a sealant manufacturer, Mr Piggott told BB, pointing out it’s made to Hutton’s own specification. ‘There are lots of products that will go off under water, but we’ve gone for a specification that will cover most materials that people in the marine industry will use, which makes it quite expensive to produce. If you wanted to keep it to just two materials – GRP and aluminium, say – we could do it for half the price.'
We already do methacrylates, which are very popular, added Mr Piggott. ‘We’re just trying to get the marine industry to understand how this product will work.’ For the building of boats it’s got four times the strength of a polyurethane, he added.
‘Normally they use Sikkaflex, or something like that, and they moan because they get the odd leak,’ Mr Piggott went on. ‘We can offer them something stronger than they’re using now - and it’s more flexible.’
Hutton Supplies –
Sealine goes to Barton
News of another out of the ordinary use of product comes from powerboat builder Sealine, which asked Barton Marine to develop a specially designed traveller system, based on its Size 0 travellers, for integration in the full length convertible roof system on its SC35 Sport Cruiser.
Barton Marine's sales manager, Christian Brewer, says: ‘We’ve been developing this special Size 0 roof traveller system with Sealine for over two years.’
The design brief from Sealine was for a complete system ready to bolt on incorporating specially made cars with injection moulded roof bar connectors, saving both time and man hours without compromising quality. All the special components used were designed in house by John Foord and Barton's production director Paul Botterill and manufactured and assembled in our Whitstable factory, added Mr Brewer.
Wilks’ synthetic fendering
Wilks offers avast array of both fendering and decking profiles, but says up until now there’s been no synthetic fendering solution on the market that’s sympathetic to the look of traditional wooden boats whilst offering them the kind of protection they deserve.
So the new range of fendering from Wilks has been created with traditional boating materials firmly in mind. The company says they capture the beauty of wood whilst removing the maintenance.
The finished appearance of the Traditional Range produces what they say is a stunningly convincing woodgrain effect when sanded. Combined with the inherent qualities of PVC the Traditional Range provides the perfect alternative to traditional wooden rubbing strakes with easy installation, low maintenance and low costs.
It’s also manufactured from 100% recycled materials so they actually reduce the volume of waste being taken to landfill.
Farécla’s four step care
Farécla has introduced what it says is a revolutionary new four-step boat maintenance product range that offers owners a simple and highly effective solution to keeping their craft in top condition.
Based on technology from the company’s professional formulas, the new and competitively priced four-step Farécla Marine Professional system comprises Deep Clean Wash, Rapid Stain Remover, Surface Restorer and Ultimate UV Wax Polish, which have been designed to offer four key stages of boat care – wash, revive, restore and protect.
Deep Clean Wash is, they say, powerful enough to get below even the most entrenched grime to provide a spotless, low-streak finish and leave a thin non-slip protective layer. Rapid Stain Remover is an oxalic acid based gel which dissolves the toughest of stains such as waterline marks and yellow staining, without damaging the surface of the boat. Surface Restorer removes oxidation and discolouration and it can also be used to remove scratches and fine lines. Ultimate UV Wax Polish is a unique formula that gives a deep mirror shine that lasts up to six months. It contains UV absorbers providing added protection from the sun and can also be used for general maintenance.
‘We know how much pride owners take in keeping their boats looking good, however, many perceive the task of cleaning and protecting as a bit of a chore,’ said Farécla’s retail marketing manager, Donna Howard. ‘There are many cleaning products to choose from on the market, which can be confusing for boat owners.  We believe the new Farécla Marine Professional range offers four high performance products that combine to give a simple, yet effective system that makes it easier for customers to decide what products to use.’
Farécla Marine
Squire's rustproof range
Top security whatever the weather is guaranteed thanks to a new, ultra-strong all-terrain padlock range by Henry Squire & Sons Ltd.
The company says its rustproof ATL 4S/5S marine lock range offers unrivalled performance in the toughest conditions. The range features a solid brass lock body that can withstand 150 hours exposure to salt spray.
Uniquely, they say, a special weatherproof casing encases the lock body. Its soft-feel makes it more comfortable to handle and thus easier to operate in wet and cold conditions. And the stainless steel shackle, can also withstand sustained attack from bolt croppers and other tools
Additional benefits include a five pin tumbler mechanism, easy key identification and thousands of key differs.
The ATL 4S/5S range is available in 52mm and 58mm body width options.
Henry Squire & Sons Ltd -
Sea Sure goes for weight reduction
The design team at Sea Sure has produced a race winning rudder stock for the International 420.
The company says it’s immensely strong, yet dramatically lighter than previous models on the market and is a must have for anyone competing on the circuit or at international level.
The main body of the stock has been reinforced around the top and bottom rudder pintle and gudgeon areas and particular attention has been given to optimum weight reduction, yet still providing maximum strength and stiffness.
Sea Sure
Cleghorn brings the cleaners to you
Charles Cleghorn Ltd has introduced what it says is a revolutionary underwater cleaning system that reduces cleaning time by up to 50%.
The CaviBlaster undersea cleaning system induces cavitation to remove marine growth, such as barnacles and other encrustations, plus weed, built up corrosion and all other forms of unwanted growth.
The blaster works on all types of materials and can be used on all subsea structures, whether fabricated in wood, concrete, steel, etc., such as oil rigs, piers, bridge foundations, ship hulls and fish farm structures, down to a depth of 100m. The cavitation plume doesn’t cause any damage or degradation of the surface being cleaned, and doesn’t remove protective surface coatings such as antifouling paint.
The low-density (cavitating) nozzle outflow allows a significant wall effect, such that the full circumference of small diameter workpieces (piping/mesh) can often be cleaned with a single-aspect approach, ensuring radically faster cleaning times.
Charles Cleghorn Ltd -
Awlgrip’s scheme for wood exteriors
Awlgrip has launched the Awl-Brite Quik Scheme for exterior wood surfaces. The new scheme is based on the quick drying, no sanding Awl-Brite Quick-Fil and the high build, durable Awl-Brite Clear Urethane, which are now approved, when used together as the Awl-Brite Quik Scheme, for exterior application following extensive testing in both the laboratory and field in the USA.
Awl-Brite Quik-Fil is formulated to negate the need to sand between coats, reducing applicator work time. When top coated with a minimum four coats of Awl-Brite Clear, the scheme offers a long lasting, durable and buffable finish. Imperfections such as brushwork, runs or sags and even dirt or grit can be easily buffed out with minimum effort.
These products are designed with the professional user in mind and are suitable for spray or brush application.
Easy to use biminitop
Sceadu, made by the Netherlands company, Suncode, is a biminitop designed to create shade in a modern, functional, practical and aesthetic way. Compared with traditional biminitops it offers several major advantages.
By sliding and tilting Sceadu’s unique screen, the sun can be followed around, even when it’s very low. The screen fabric is made of an open, transparent material woven from glass yarns, coated with a bulk dyed polymer compound.
This fabric has a very high level of UV-resistance, weather resistance and mechanical properties. The fabric stops up to 90% of the solar energy, without blocking out the sun completely. 
The open structure of the fabric also keeps the temperature from rising too high under the screen. The transparent fabric makes Sceadu suitable for use while sailing.
Anyone can set up or take down this biminitop in only a few minutes, says Suncode. With limited storage space in mind the Sceadu was made very compact and easy to store. It comes with standard fixing systems, or a custom build system if none of the standard ones are suitable.
During the testing process the Sceadu biminitop was tested in wind forces of over 90 kms per hour.
Barrow International
Safety for yacht tenders
New for the 2010 season is an extended range of products to make the use of tenders significantly safer and more convenient for owners of yachts and powerboats, including heavy duty ‘snap davits’ and the ‘lever’ outboard mounting system.
Now Polymarine has enlarged the range of Weaver products for the UK market and the company says after the phenomenal success of the current range, it’s very confident the entire Weaver Snap Davit range will be welcomed both here and on the Continent.
Polymarine says with a lifetime guarantee, and multi-fit options, these safe and durable products are a must have for all safety conscious boat owners.’
Hempel’s new white antifouling
Boat owners who have always wanted a pristine white hull can now enjoy a bright new look this season with Hempel’s new Ultimate White antifouling. This is the latest shade from the Hard Racing colour range and is an antifouling that’s ideal for power boats and racing yachts.
Hempel says when combined with its specially formulated Antifouling Primer, the new Ultimate White antifouling will give the whitest possible finish.
Because it’s a Hard Racing antifouling, says Hempel, Ultimate White can be burnished to give a smooth surface which is very durable. The application characteristics of the new white colour are exactly the same as with all the Hempel Hard Racing shades.
It can be applied by brush, roller or air spray and is suitable for all substrates except aluminium. The coating is touch-dry in four hours at 20°C/68°F and it can be re-coated in five hours.
Antifouling Primer, which has a light grey colour, is touch-dry in just one hour at 20°C and can be re-coated in three hours. It offers excellent waterproofing properties and, being fast drying, allows owners to get the job done quickly. Both Ultimate White Hard Racing antifouling and Antifouling Primer are available in 2.5 litre tins. The antifouling is priced at £98.50 and the primer is £42.25.
The Hempel website has an interactive calculator that acts as a general guide for determining how much antifouling a boat needs. There’s also plenty of advice on hull preparation, special cleaners and advice on application and overcoating techniques.
Hanger makes fender relocation simple
For boat owners frustrated by constantly having to move, adjust and resecure fenders, there's a convenient, cost effective solution. The original, patented Fender Tender II from Davis Instruments enables users to quickly and effortlessly clip fenders to rails, lifelines, side wings windows, cleats or anywhere else they're needed. 
With no more tying and untying, the Fender Tender II is perfect for docking, when owners can swiftly reposition fenders to ensure their craft is protected. 
The hangers are made from a tough, sun-resistant plastic for years of maintenance-free use. A railing lock feature firmly grasps rails from 22mm to 25mm in diameter, while the new, serrated lifeline lock provides added safety. 
Designed for use with 6mm to 9mm nylon line, it helps streamline fender presentation and tidy up onboard.
An American product from Davis Instruments handled by three UK distributors:
CCS International -
McMurdo Limited -
Unipart Marine -
Fold-down VHF whip antenna
Whether an owner is towing their boat, diving with a RIB, fishing or navigating canals under low bridges, getting the antenna down and out of the way should be effortless. 
The 5247-A Lift-n-Lay VHF whip antenna from Shakespeare Electronic Products answers the call. The whip itself simply folds over when needed, especially convenient when covering or storing a boat.
Featuring a low profile, single-section design, the versatile 92cm Lift-n-Lay is an end-fed, 3dB, base-load VHF antenna with a sealed, copper wire coil. The whip's stainless steel construction provides extra stability when a boat moves at high speeds.
Making installation easy, the Lift-n-Lay antenna's SO-239 connector is simply passed through a horizontal surface up to 12mm thick. A handy L-bracket for mast or side mounting is included. Coax cable and the PL-259 connector are sold separately.
Shakespeare UK

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