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Interior Fitting Out

Flynn Refrigeration provides the answer
Mould growth and excess condensation are problems all boat owners try to avoid. Cooking, showering, even breathing, all add moisture to the air and without adequate ventilation the humidity level on board a vessel will rise. 14 Feb 2017 - Boating Business
New sport series from OceanLED
DEBUT: OceanLED has introduced its new sport series, with the debut of the Sport S3116S which is engineered specifically for sport fishing and active cruising. 05 Oct 2016 - Boating Business
Oceanair supplies blinds to MY Mirage
Oceanair has completed a blind refit project onboard the 53m MY Mirage. 12 Aug 2016 - Boating Business
Oceanair appoints DragonShore as Taiwanese distributor
Oceanair has appointed DragonShore Ltd as its new distributor in Taiwan. 07 Jul 2016 - Boating Business
Boat interiors look like swish London flats
When it comes to boat interiors, owners today are increasingly demanding greater comforts and more home-from-home luxuries, writes Katina Read. And manufacturers are starting to take note. 04 Apr 2013 - Boating Business
Engineering at its heart
It can be a difficult subject: a true HVAC design will look at every heat load on a system. This includes heat transfer across every bulkhead, window, deckhead and deck to measure heat gain or loss. 21 Jun 2012 - Boating Business
Back to basics? Not quite...
There are two sides to the coin, says Darren Griffiths of Kuranda UK. “As much as technology moves on, there are some people who are ditching the idea and going back to the basics,” he says. 21 Jun 2012 - Boating Business
A change of scene
The downturn has inevitably changed the game for the onboard air-conditioning, heating and water market as the larger UK boat builders are chasing wins in very different climates – both physical and economic. 21 Jun 2012 - Boating Business
Raising the pressure
There’s a lot more to air-conditioning system design than most people think, says Lindsay Ross of Fischer Panda “It is very much an engineering subject,” he adds. 21 Jun 2012 - Boating Business
British innovation still meeting the challenge
British engineering, despite everything, continues to make its mark across the globe – even in the somewhat overlooked heating and air conditioning sector. Stevie Knight waves the flag. 21 Jun 2012 - Boating Business
There are no rules, but there are trends
Design Unlimited specialises in interior design and exterior styling for custom and production yachts. They’ve worked on many well known sailing and motor superyachts and with builders like Sunseeker, Bavaria and Hanse. 06 Jun 2012 - Boating Business
A blind in a cassette – the Cabinshade
Oceanair has launched a cassette roller blind housed in a simple extrusion for hatches and windows. It’s called the Cabinshade. 06 Jun 2012 - Boating Business
Dry-Mat anti-condensation keeps bunks dry
Condensation has always been a problem on board, especially on aluminium boats. And a major problem for all those who sleep on boat mattresses which are on boards or fibreglass is keeping the bunks dry. 06 Jun 2012 - Boating Business
Easy fit for the flybridge
Dometic has also launched an electric barbeque for the flybridge. It’s got a stainless mirror polish and a fixed grid that doesn’t rattle or move. 29 Feb 2012 - Boating Business
Chilling out: a market for change
Many older boats were built with insulated fridge boxes that were originally packed with ice, and these can be easily converted in to a thermostatically controlled fridge. 29 Feb 2012 - Boating Business
Big ideas for small spaces
What is pushing the development of galley equipment? Well, until now, not so much. But a few companies are trying to change that, writes Stevie Knight. 29 Feb 2012 - Boating Business
What price protection?
One of the age old problems for suppliers and manufacturers has been that the owners of boats can spend a fair bit of money on very slick appliances and fittings, and of course they want them delivered with the shine intact. 29 Feb 2012 - Boating Business
Boyriven for exterior upholstery
Boyriven, supplier of interior and exterior upholstery and fitting out materials has been appointed as exclusive UK distributor of Xtreme Outdoor leather. 01 Mar 2009 - Boating Business
International handles bilges and engine rooms
International Paint has launched two new products onto the market that are hardy enough to handle wet areas, such as bilges, and oily or chemical-prone areas, such as engine rooms. 01 Mar 2009 - Boating Business
Fitting Out - Interiors
01 Mar 2009 - Boating Business