Marine litterers beware you’re being watched

09 Aug 2017

A new ship waste monitoring start-up is helping to discourage boat and yacht owners from disposing of waste overboard by returning it back to its owner.

Sardinia’s Waste Boat Service (WBS) monitors waste from boats from Marina di Puntaldia to La Maddalena Archipelago, collects it and then tracks down its owner.

“In this way, we hope we can successfully contribute to the monitoring of waste generated on ships, to discourage its scattering at sea or on beaches and we hope we will be able to decrease the social costs originated by campaigns for the recovery of abandoned waste,” said Alessandro Deperu, a WBS founding partner.

WBS is the only Italian company authorised to collect non-EU food waste in roadsteads.

Its new traceability system deals with collection, transportation, transshipment, temporary storage and the disposal of non-hazardous urban waste.

The system can track down who disposes of a piece of litter by using the unique barcode labels applied on bags, which enables the firm to track down waste producers while protecting their privacy.

WBS performs garbage collection every morning through a system of organised tours and the company also provides an 'on-call' service for litter collection which operates 24/7.