Falmouth sees marine success

13 Mar 2017
Falmouth is seeing considerable marine success

Falmouth is seeing considerable marine success

Falmouth is punching above its weight with local yacht builders that have won new boat building contracts and awards for projects and apprenticeship schemes.

According to figures from Falmouth BID, the marine economy in the area provides 5,000 jobs in a total population of 26,770 and income from the harbour is valued at £250m per annum.

“The current Falmouth marine community is diverse and includes everything from global superyacht builders, marine engineers, specialist overwater drilling and marine construction, mooring, transport of recycling materials and the development of eco-energy – both tidal and wind power,” explained Richard Wilcox, Falmouth BID manager. 

“Added to this is the consumer side of the marine sector with continual visits from European cruise liners plus a plethora of leisure activities and a thriving marina.”

Among the successful businesses are Rustler Yachts that has signed to provide two Rustler 42s to the local Sea Cadets and Cockwells that won the Tender and Support Vessel Design category of the 2017 ShowBoats Design Awards in Austria for its 9.5m Limousine.

The new Rustler yachts will replace the charity’s current Tradewind 35 yachts that have seen 16 years of service taking 4,600 youngsters on voyages.

The 9.5m Limousine was built as a tender to an 88m superyacht.

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