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Holt and Allen to split

29 Jan 2008
Allen: 'ready to despatch orders'

Allen: 'ready to despatch orders'

SPLIT: In 2002 Holt and Allen announced the two companies were to merge after trading as the joint venture company Holt Allen for 40 years.

Now, according to a press release that came into the BB offices from Allen Brothers, the two companies are to split and Holt Allen hardware will be sold under the new brand name of Allen.

Managing director Kim Allen told BB yesterday: 'The partnership between us and Holt will cease to exist – it's not a case of it might or it might not: it will happen.'

We're hoping it will be an amicable split, he added, and we're contacting all our customers and want to make the transition as seamless as possible for our customers.

'Nautos will become a serious competitor of ours,' Allen explained. 'Holts have bought into Nautos and that's where their energies will be going.'

They are the only route to market for our products, he added, and we need to look after that.

Holt's managing director Chadwick Beecher Moore told BB: 'There is a potential split, but I can't tell you very much because there's a lot of litigation about to happen. Or possibly more talking, depending on how they want to play it.'

Obviously we've moved a lot of our eggs into a basket in Brazil, he added, which has changed the dynamics slightly, but our lawyers are on the case.

Holt acquired 50% of Brazilian deck hardware company Nautos last November. At the time, Beecher Moore said Nautos had a very strong manufacturing base in southern Brazil, with excellent R&D and new product development facilities.

All Nautos products were rebranded Holt Nautos and Holt's H2O brand was superseded by Holt Nautos. The addition of Nautos gave Holt a complete deck hardware range for boats up to 145ft.

Meanwhile, Allen told us, the UK manufactured product range will be marketed by Allen Brothers, which has produced the range for the last 50 years.

'We've made substantial investments in computer aided machinery at our Essex based plant to allow us to respond rapidly to our customers’ requirements,' Allen said. 'Our distribution warehouse is situated on site and is ready to despatch orders.’


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Holt and Allen to split

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