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Intermarine gets Liverpool show marina

28 Sep 2010
Intermarine gets Liverpool show marina

Intermarine: provided pontoons for the Lifeboat College

After British Waterways invested £500,000 into Marine Industry Events to enable a permanent marina to be built for the Liverpool Boat Show, Southampton-based Intermarine got the order to supply the pontoons.

LBS: The Southampton-based pontoon manufacturer and designer Intermarine will be the official supplier of the permanent floating pontoons for the Liverpool Boat Show.

Intermarine has been working closely alongside the show organisers and British Waterways (BW) for over a year, designing a new pontoon system and optimising layouts suitable for an event of this scale.

‘It’s a major coup for us to be involved with a show of this scale and quality,’ said Intermarine MD Scott Gaherty. ‘From day one we wanted to be more than just the pontoon supplier and feel that our contribution of time, skills and resources, in addition to this supply contract, will be worth the effort.’

The design of the new, bespoke, 4m wide pontoon system is now complete and production has started. The equipment has been designed to withstand the event crowd loading and will meet the strict quality and sustainability specifications as set out by Intermarine’s National Supply Contract with BW.

The pontoons will use FSC-certified decking and additional features, such as recycled plastic fendering and low energy lighting, are being considered for incorporation into the design.

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Intermarine: provided pontoons for the Lifeboat College

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