Lubricious foil from Harken

01 Jun 2005

Harken has introduced a headstay foil targeted at racing keelboats. The Harken Carbo Racing Foil is, they say, a step forward in racing foils and offers a superior design and significant materials advances over the PVC commonly used in similar racing foils.

The use of modern engineering resins has raised the bar, says Harken, claiming its twin-grooved foils are 15% lighter than PVC, stronger, and "extremely lubricious".

The foil's Carbo material is, they say, very low friction for fast hoists, douses and sail changes.

Its high strength also increases resistance to line wear.

Impact resistance is also increased with less foil damage from spinnaker poles, especially in cold weather. Heat has a negligible effect on stiffness, so the sail holds securely. The black colour provides superior UV protection and is easy to see against a light sky, while complementing modern sailcloth colours. The foil also features an improved feeder/ prefeeder system.

Installation is easy. When the foil is uncoiled it straightens.

Snapping the foil onto the stay is a simple task and can be done with the mast up. The foil fits boats with headstays to 5/16 in or rods to -17.

Harken UK T: 01590 689122. F: 01590 610274 E: W:

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