Micro technology used in new film

18 Apr 2017
3M's new print wrap film uses micro technology

3M's new print wrap film uses micro technology

3M has launched its 3M print wrap film IJ180mC-10 featuring comply adhesive with micro technology aimed at accelerating installation and providing more design options.

The wrap has advanced slideability and initial tack that is optimised for wraps allowing installers to be able to move the film across the application surface, repositioning it after the first contact.

Along with the improved liner release the wrap also provides a non-visible comply pattern to ensure a smooth, bubble-free finish to a completed wrap.

“With the resoundingly positive response we’ve received from graphics installers regarding Comply Adhesive with micro technology, we knew the next step would be to incorporate the innovation into our IJ180 line,” said Tanu Gupta, digital products manager, Western Europe, 3M commercial solutions division. “IJ180mC provides wrap shops and installers with a product that is fine tuned for wraps, regardless of the project type.”

The launch of the new wrap film also includes the introduction of clear and metallic options – 3M print wrap film IJ180mC-114 and 3M print wrap film IJ180mC-120.

The film is available in 48in, 54in and 60in-wide rolls.    

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