New V block from Harken

14 Jul 2016
Harken's new V block

Harken's new V block

Harken has launched what it says is its highest performing, most efficient block ever offered.

The V block is constructed from 3D moulded carbon sideplates, titanium races and captive titanium roller bearings.

Engineers have combined the axial and thrust loads into a single bearing set of angled titanium rollers, resulting in a 12% decrease in the number of unique components required.

"We increased the high-load efficiency and greatly improved low-load release responsiveness. We named it the V block because the angled inner races and sheave surfaces are 'V' shaped," explained Mark Wiss, director of new business development.

"To eliminate lead times for customers, we decided to transform our highest performing grand-prix blocks.

“Where previously they have always been custom products, now they will be production products available on-the-shelf.”

The new blocks are designed to spin freely at low loads such as in light air and are easy to disassemble for inspection and maintenance.

They are available in four (4) sizes dedicated to maximum working loads of 1500kgf, 3000kgf, 5000kgf and 6500kgf.

The blocks are also available with sideplates made of anodised aluminium.

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