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Perma shine from Creative Resins

01 Aug 2003
Perma shine from Creative Resins

Developed from a product used in the aircraft industry by American Airways and British Airways to reduce paintwork deterioration, Marine A Glaze surface sealant protects painted surfaces from ultraviolet light, atmospheric pollution, acid rain, tree sap and bird lime.

Marine A Glaze is a siliconfree flouro-polymer resin coating and, following a twoyear R&D programme, is the latest second generation version of the product.

The sealant bites into the surface to a depth of 5/7 microns and creates a surface shield. This, says distributor Creative Resins, prevents practically any form of pollutant from penetrating the surface.

Our picture shows a Sunseeker completed recently to the delight, says Creative Resins, of the owner.

Preparation involves a wash and dry with a shammy-leather, followed by removal of surface marks with the company's Surface Preparation. A microfibre cloth is used to pick up fine dust residue.

Then the A Glaze is applied.

Creative Resins say a 30ft boat will take about four hours, although using a polishing machine will halve the time.

The company has a testimonial letter from British Airways that confirms six BA staff can coat a Boeing 747 in about 90 minutes, using two litres of the product.

The kit for a 30ft boat will cost £85 +VAT. A 60ft boat will not require two kits, just some additional glaze.

Once coated, the boat should need only the occasional wash and black streaks should wipe away.

As well as a hull treatment, Creative Resins also handles a vinyl and leather protector, a fabric protector, a shampoo and Crystal Glaze from the same manufacturer.

The Crystal Glaze, they tell us is ideal for treating screens and visors so water simply runs off.

Creative Resins Distribution Ltd T: 01795 599880. F: 01795 599095 E: W:

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Perma shine from Creative Resins

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