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Spinlock under new ownership

26 Mar 2012
Spinlock: under new ownership

Spinlock: under new ownership

SALE: Spinlock has been bought by three of its current executives. Chris Hill, Peter Kirby and Caroline Senior will take over as chief executive, production director and operations director respectively.

The three new owners of the company have been working at Spinlock for some time. Mr Hill has worked for Spinlock for 27 years and has been the company’s design director for many years.

Mr Kirby has also been with the company ‘for many years’ and Ms Senior has been with the company for 11 years.

“Rodney [Hogg] has found a way to retire,” said Spinlock’s James Hall. “He always wanted to hand the company over into private hands and keep production in the UK - ideally on the Isle of Wight.”

Mr Hogg, who has owned and managed Spinlock for 35 years, will remain a non-executive director and management consultant to the company.

The new owner shareholders say they are determined to maintain the distinctive personality of Spinlock as a technology leader and global brand of the highest quality. The company will be at Seawork in May with some new products for the commercial sector.

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