Superyachts now allowed to visit Tunisia

09 Aug 2017
Yacht at Port Yasmine

Yachts can now operate in Tunisia as normal with the lifting of the British Government's 'Essential Travel Only' status

Superyachts are free to visit Tunisia again with the lifting of a travel ban which restores tourism market accessibility.

The British Government’s change from ‘Essential Travel Only’ status to ‘Safe for Tourists to Visit’ for most of the country last month means yacht companies and services operating in the country can now benefit from largely unrestricted business.

“The government…no longer advises against travel to most of the country, including Tunis and the major tourist destinations," explained Alistair Burt, MP for North East Bedfordshire.

“This update reflects our latest assessment that the risk to British nationals in Tunisia has changed. This is in part due to the security improvements that the Tunisian authorities and tourist industry have made, with support from the UK and international partners.”

Kim Williams, co-founder of Yacht Services Tunisia, based in Port Yasmine – located within the safe zone, added: “The Tunisian government are keen to support tourism and we have one of the quickest customs clearance departments outside the EU. The duty free fuel is of the highest quality.”

Port Yasmine offers berths up to 100m, Bizerte 110m and Gammarth 35m.