Incinerating toilet produces clean ash

LeeSan is the UK distributor for the Cinderella Eco Solution toilet LeeSan is the UK distributor for the Cinderella Eco Solution toilet
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Around a coffee cup’s worth of ash for two people for a month. That’s the promise from the Cinderella Eco Solution incinerating toilet.

The Scandinavian company’s range of four toilets will be shown at Crick Boat Show by LeeSan that has taken on the sole UK distributorship.

The toilets run on propane gas or 240V and represent ‘an entirely new concept for waste handling in off-the-grid locations,’ says Karl Sutcliffe, LeeSan technical sales director.

Clean ash

“Whether it’s marine craft, mobile homes or recreational vehicles, it’s now possible to get rid of toilet waste in a hygienic and simple manner,” he said. “The end product is just clean ash and the toilet can be used around 70 times before emptying is required.”

A bowl liner is used to catch the waste and instead of flushing the toilet, a button is pressed to evacuate and incinerate the waste – urine and excrement - at a high temperature in an enclosed combustion chamber leaving ash behind with no need for a water supply.

Resulting gases are expelled through a separate vent pipe.

Total waste solution

“In contrast with other toilet systems, incineration toilets constitute a total waste solution, eliminating all waste on site, without the need for transportation elsewhere or processing over time until safely released or removed,” said Karl. “There’s no need to find a pump-out station and when used properly, quality incineration toilets are odourless, hygienic and safe, providing an experience similar to usual water-based toilet systems.”

Around 60,000 toilets have so far been installed worldwide. They are suitable for families with children and pets.

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