London Mooring Strategy is developed

10 Apr 2017
Improvements are being made to London's waterways

Improvements are being made to London's waterways

The Canal & River Trust is developing a London Mooring Strategy to address the challenges and opportunities of boating in the Capital.

Over the last year, the Trust says there have been record numbers of people using London’s waterways and while many improvements were carried out during 2016/17, further improvements are planned.

Work carried out during the last year includes providing new mooring, public water taps, and pump-out facilities and dredging 2,250m of canal.

In addition, new refuse facilities have been provided and 14 new long-term moorings.

The charity has also created a new seven-day visitor mooring at King’s Cross, set up pre-bookable moorings and is working in partnership with the London Borough of Islington to secure Defra funding for public electricity charging points on the Regent’s Canal.

“London’s bustling canals are very different to those built 200 years ago to serve industry.  With such a huge demand for boating in London, we’ve been working hard to create the moorings and other facilities needed,” explained Sorwar Ahmed, London boating manager at the Canal & River Trust.

“We’ve listened to our boaters and are making the changes that matter to them: this is just the start and we’ll be continuing to put time, money and people power into improvements in the years to come. We are working with other people, like local boroughs, social enterprises and boaters, to make these changes happen and improve London’s waterways for all our boaters and visitors. I’d like to thank everyone who’s got involved.”

The Trust’s London Mooring Strategy can be found at 

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