Non-waterways Trust related complaints up

04 Sep 2017
Non-Trust related waterways complaints are up says the Ombudsman Photo: CRT

Non-Trust related waterways complaints are up says the Ombudsman Photo: CRT

The Waterways Ombudsman’s latest report reveals that non-Trust related waterways complaints are up.

Complaints received during the period April 1 2016 to March 31 2017 rose to 234, up from 222 on the previous year. But only 39 enquiries were about the Canal & River Trust, almost unchanged on last year.

“The number of complaints being handled by the Trust has remained fairly stable for a few years, but some of those are among the most intractable and this is reflected in the complaints which come to me, which often raise particularly difficult or complex issues," explained Andrew Walker, Waterways Ombudsman.

Out of 17 investigations, three topics gave rise to nine investigations. There were four complaints about the continuous cruising guidance, three from residents about the impact of boaters mooring outside their properties and two about damage to boats from underwater hazards.

The Ombudsman said that given the Trust’s increased enforcement of the continuous cruising (CC) guidance it was not surprising to receive more complaints than in previous years.

“But they did throw up issues of concern which I have drawn to the attention of the Trust,” he added.

One concern involved incomplete sightings data by the Trust, but a need was also highlighted for boaters to keep the Trust updated about mooring status.

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