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Sails & Rigging

Bainbridge Ocean Sailcloth
Ocean Sailcloth has been expanded into a more comprehensive range that enhances its appeal in a wide number of applications.

12 May 2015 - Boating Business

Makefast announce the all new Makefast Trimtrack
Makefast Ltd is pleased to announce the all new Makefast Trimtrack.

21 Jul 2014 - Boating Business

New MPEX Multi-Purpose Spinnaker Fabrics from Bainbridge International
The new MPEX range of multi-purpose nylon spinnaker fabrics have been designed specifically for cruise and club race applications.

15 Jan 2014 - Boating Business

New Sailcloth Ranges from Bainbridge
Following an extensive development programme, Bainbridge International is excited to announce the introduction of a number of new ranges of sailcloth.

05 Nov 2012 - Boating Business

New Rutgerson Mainsail System & Flushed Hatch
The new Rutgerson Mainsail System includes web-on single headboard plates and a complete range of headboard cars and battcars. Rutgerson also proudly presents a new flushed hatch in the standard size 44. The new size has a modern design and looks great on the deck.

10 May 2011 - Boating Business