Leading battery manufacturers

In the UK we are proud to be a leading distributor for C&D Technologies.

We limit our supply chain of Lead Acid AGM, GEL and Carbon Gel Deep Cycle Batteries which come mainly from China and Vietnam, to 2 or 3 sources only.

Included in these are Ritar and Poweroad (Yucell Industries Ltd).  Poweroad are also our chosen supplier of Lithium 12v, 24v and 48v Lithium Batteries.

Extensive stock

In the UK our hub is centrally based in Corby. With 20,000 sq ft of modern warehousing, we have the capacity to stock over 2,000 pallets of batteries.

Technical excellence

DC Battery Technologies employs highly experienced battery specialists with the expertise to evaluate new battery products and understand our fast-changing marketplace, making sure that we remain at the vanguard of our industry. Our team’s specialist knowledge also gives us a competitive edge in sourcing chargers, inverters, lithium industrial and other associated products to meet customer demand. We employ the latest technologies to keep us at the forefront of stock look up, ordering and invoicing.

When you buy from DC Battery Technologies you can expect only the very highest quality products, excellent service and, of course, competitive pricing.