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  • Fleur Lewis

    Autumn Statement for employers


    Whilst the 2016 Autumn Statement may have been short on major announcements, it did confirm some key employment tax issues, most of which take effect from April 2017.

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    Are you due a refund on your marine fuel


    You may be eligible to claim back the duty paid on your marine fuel. From business to business this VAT reclaim is not as commonly known about and implemented as you might expect, says Rebecca Phillips, director at Tribe Advisory and Accounting.

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    Brexit, contracts and intellectual property


    So now that we’re more than seven months past the referendum that decided that the UK is to leave the European Union, and in the midst of the lull before the storm, companies ought to be planning for their futures. In the second of a three-part feature, Adam Bernstein turns ...

  • Fleur Lewis

    Making tax digital


    The way that businesses file their accounts and tax information with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is about to change in the biggest shake up of the UK tax system since the introduction of self-assessment 20-years ago, says Bishop Fleming''s Fleur Lewis.

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    Brexit and finance


    On June 23 the electorate spoke and declared, albeit with a small majority, that it wanted the UK to leave Europe. The problem is that while we’re engaged in a ‘phoney war’ with Europe we still need to prepare for change – even if the High Court ruled at the ...

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    All change on business rates


    The last two years have brought challenging times for ratepayers and there is little respite on the horizon. With the 2017 revaluation looming, rateable values are likely to increase substantially throughout large swathes of the country writes Adam Bernstein.

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    Don’t pay for discrimination in the workplace


    An allegation of discrimination in the workplace can create significant problems for employers and while the total overall number of employment tribunal claims are falling, employers continue to face discrimination complaints on a regular basis, especially in retail, writes Adam Bernstein.

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    Credit information: Locking the door before the horse bolts


    From winning clients to servicing their needs, as well as having to meet compliance obligations, there’s often too much for management to do in too little time. But while running a business is just one part of the commercial equation, getting paid is the other, writes Adam Bernstein.

  • The UK has voted to leave the EU

    The UK files for divorce


    BREXIT: The electorate has spoken and in a stunning victory for the Brexit campaign, the UK is to leave the European Union, writes Adam Bernstein.

  • Stuart Darlington

    Costly hidden liabilities in leases


    Taking on leased premises is one of the biggest fixed costs a business will face. While headline costs are a major focus, firms taking on leased premises need to be aware of the many hidden liabilities when acquiring commercial leased premises, writes lawyer Stuart Darlington.

  • Lee Ashwood

    Disciplining staff


    Having employees will mean that at some point their behaviour will fall below what is expected of them, and you will be faced with considering how to deal with an awkward situation. So what are the rules? says Lee Ashwood.

  • Adam Bernstein is a freelance financial journalist

    Green is good, says Adam Bernstein


    The Earth is not coping very well with the impact of mankind, says Adam Bernstein. Our ever increasing carbon footprint, population growth and resource consumption is causing real concern.

  • Jason Piper is senior manager for Tax and Business Law at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

    HMRC is on the prowl for rich pickings


    Fancy having to buy new a new phone or computer, and learn how to use new software, just for HMRC’s benefit, asks Jason Piper? Or volunteer to prepare your accounts four times a year, and then do a tax return on top?

  • Adam Bernsteirn is a freelance financial journalist

    Consumer credit offers huge potential


    Firms that offer consumers credit have huge potential to increase profitability, says Adam Bernstein. However, the legal regime behind consumer credit is definite in what it expects of those it regulates.

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    Sunday trading proposals defeated – for the moment


    Despite a consultation that ran over the summer, from early August to mid September, it appears that government has now calculated the odds of winning a vote in the Commons.

  • Jonathan Chadwick is head of commercial at Stephensons Solicitors.

    Recovering debts without losing a valued customer


    Every business will encounter problems with late payments, says Jonathan Chadwick. Despite the prevalence of overdue debt, many business owners continue to feel uncomfortable about confronting the issue head on.

  • Adam Bernstein is a freelance financial journalist

    Crowdfunding – a route to success?


    History is littered with buzzwords and jargon and the latest is “crowdfunding”, writes Adam Bernstein. It refers to the process of seeking and raising finance from a large number of individuals.

  • Jason Piper is senior manager for Tax and Business Law at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

    The summer budget and small businesses


    George Osborne’s summer budget was marketed as being a budget for working people, says Jason Piper. But was that comment aimed at all working people, or just employees in a certain wage bracket?

  • Teresa Hitchcock is UK head of Safety Health and Environment within the Regulatory and Government Affairs group of DLA Piper LLP

    Retailers and product safety - your responsibilities


    Product safety law is fraught with dangers for those in the supply chain and is especially acute for those involved in retail, says Teresa Hitchcock. Failure to comply with legislation can lead to prosecution.

  • David O’Keeffe is a specialist R&D tax relief advisor, trading as Aiglon Consulting

    R&D tax relief – with easy to claim incentives…


    R&D incentives in the UK are a valuable benefit for companies engaged in qualifying R&D activity, says David O’Keeffe. But too many companies are missing out…