Cardinal Sin

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    Once upon a time, trust and loyalty were a by word in an industry lead by passion and desire to succeed.

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    Summer is coming


    It’s been a long drawn out spring, but summer must be around the corner as I have already heard the two phases (while working on a boat in a marina) that bring my blood to the boil quicker than a Turkish steam room.

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    Marine union is the eutopia


    Here’s a thing. Have you noticed how it’s now incredibly fashionable to join a union, more so than any time since the 1970’s it seems.

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    Is the leisure marine sector a fan zone?


    I wonder if there is any other dynamic quite like the leisure marine sector when it comes to relying on goodwill from companies to operate.

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    Engagement - or lack of


    In my many years in this amazing marine industry, one thing always pops up as an issue time after time

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    Disappointed in you


    Well having spent a few days recovering from nine days at boot Dusseldorf, I have become quite reflective.

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    There are opportunities


    Welcome to 2023 and all the opportunities that it will bring.

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    A time of hope?


    Cardinal Sin reflects on the joys of this Winterville time of year

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    I’m really not getting the mind set of so many exhibitors on the UK show circuit.

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    Networking events remain a mystery to me in our wonderful marine world. We are on the main, an industry of links and networks, where you don’t need five links to be connected to any one; its more like two or even one. We are a small industry doing great things ...

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    Anniversary time


    I can’t believe we have got here, but this column marks the 50th Cardinal Sin ramblings. Oh how time flies when you’re having fun/getting old.

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    Survey time?


    So while your busy going about your day-to-day business, rapidly adjusting to the changing world and changing opportunity bubble, I ask when was the last time someone asked you how you are?

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    Sum of many parts


    It’s a constant amazement to me that we make world class marine based products, while at the same time happily sit in splendid isolation.

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    Back to the future


    I sat at a dinner not so long back and looking around noticed that for once there were more people I did not know than I knew.

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    It seems the title a job gives has come to define all in our world. Back in the day I am sure we were just happy to have a job doing what we loved, with boat ‘things’.

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    Disconnection, it occurs when you stop getting involved. This is dangerous and we have to be careful this does not start to proliferate in our marine world.

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    Lack of buy in


    I am concerned, really concerned not about Brexit or all of the other political mish mash, ultimately that will all be sorted out by those money men really in charge. No I am concerned by the total lack of buy in to environmental issues surrounding the leisure marine sector, ...

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    Product and innovation


    Why do we find that our industry, which is so dependent on new product and innovation seems to suffer such a lack of real funding for the life blood of our business?

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    Older age


    It is becoming more and more obvious to me that the average age of my boating buddies is ever increasing, with little sign of the youth following on currently.

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    Girls on top?


    So we are now truly in the age of the woman, from America from Europe and in to the more or less United Kingdom, its fairly much or about to be, women in charge.