Deck Hardware – Page 4

  • Rutgerson Marin low friction rings

    Rutgerson Marin launches new products


    Rutgerson Marin has launched four new ROC block products, plus rings, a batten receptacle and battcar tester.

  • Harken is the new worldwide distributor for Ropeye

    Exclusive Ropeye distributor deal for Harken


    Harken is to become the exclusive distributor of Ropeye products worldwide.

  • Barton Marine's concept blocks have been designed to be contemporary and provide high performance

    New concept blocks from Barton


    Companies spend many thousands if not millions of pounds over the years developing their products to make them more contemporary and appealing to today’s user.

  • Spinlock is using ceramic coated parts in more of its clutches

    Spinlock extends the use of ceramic coated parts


    The movement to smaller diameters of rope on board, increased loads and more powerful sails continues, with increased demands on rope holding products.

  • Clamcleats has updated its nylon loop cleat, the CL223

    Clamcleats invests in new machinery


    Clamcleats has introduced a number of updates to its range including an up to date design for its CL223 nylon loop cleat.

  • C-Quip has a new 180° opening hinge that has been developed with a two-pin / two-stage action that has all the fixings covered

    Elegant simplicity continues to be a requirement


    ‘Elegant simplicity’ continues to be the requirement for boat builders and owners. As Ian Cooke from C-Quip points out, boats are packed full of amazing technology for navigation systems, safety equipment, lighting, heating, cooling, generating power, propulsion, entertainment, toys and toy storage and virtually anything else, but most owners don’t ...

  • RWO has launched a new low friction ring

    Marine industry follows the automotive industry


    The marine industry is like the automotive industry – in the automotive industry, new developments and technology come into Formula One and then filter down to the ‘common’ car. In the marine industry technology filters down from the America’s Cup (now dubbed sailing’s F1) where money is no object to ...

  • Lawman's new horizontal windlass is available from Aquafax

    New horizontal windlass from Lewmar


    Having launched its new vertical windlass range last year, Lewmar has now launched its latest horizontal range of windlasses. The HX windlass, available from Aquafax, is suitable for boats up to around 40ft and is available in two motor sizes, 500W and 800W, writes Katina Read.

  • Antal's snatch looper

    Design and functionality are kept at the forefront


    The market is continuing to lean towards the soft shackle option with boaters unwilling to put metal shackles on their boats for deck gear any more. That’s the finding of Marineware which supplies the Antal range, writes Katina Read.

  • Vetus has launched its latest heavy duty windlass

    New heavy duty windlass from Vetus


    The latest heavy duty windlass from Maxwell, a Vetus brand company, is the RC12HD that has a larger - 2000W - fan cooled 24V motor than the standard RC12 windlass.

  • Allen Brothers dog bone is available in a range of colours

    Record year for Allen


    Allen Brothers is enjoying a record year, with many product launches at the RYA Dinghy Show and more due at METSTRADE.

  • News

    Quick release hinges with sun protection


    A new range of quick release hinges from Accon Marine provide critical protection from harmful UV rays with a range of models available for different mounting locations.

  • Harken will provide hardware for Oracle Team USA in their America's Cup challenge

    Harken sponsors Oracle Team USA


    Harken is to sponsor Oracle Team USA, providing hardware for its America’s Cup yachts.

  • The redesigned Andersen winch

    New winch range from Andersen


    Andersen has launched its latest self-tailing winch. The winch has been redesigned with a flush drive shaft, countersunk screws and three-screw mounting for the self-tailing arm.

  • HRH Prince Philip visits Spinlock

    Spinlock entertains royalty


    After being awarded the Queen''s Award for Enterprise in recognition of its export sales, Spinlock has now received a visit from HRH Prince Philip at its production facility in Cowes.

  • Lewmar's VX1 windlass

    Weight reductions from Lewmar


    By investing in tooling and development, Lewmar has reduced the weight of its V10 windlasses by 20 to 30%, a significant amount when taken from the bow of a boat, writes Katina Read.

  • Harken's Air Winch

    Automation will help prevent sailors ‘switching sides’


    Developments usually are in reaction to long-term trends – in terms of deck hardware these include more automation, writes Katina Read.

  • Barton's new wooden blocks

    Traditional market is growing


    Even though people sail traditional craft, they still want modern blocks in order to cope with the high tech lines, writes Katina Read.

  • News

    New anchor chain stopper tensioner


    Among the new products from Vetus is a Maxwell anchor chain stopper tensioner for 10mm to 13mm chain, writes Katina Read.

  • Holt's Laser replica parts

    Holt expands replica Laser range


    Buying spare parts from OEMs can sometimes be more expensive than buying replica parts, writes Katina Read.