Electrical Systems – Page 13

  • Puls-R battery conditioning device

    Owners should not look at purchase price alone


    The yacht building world continues to make full use of proven lead-acid battery technology from the classic open battery to the gel and the absorbed glass mat battery writes Katina Read.

  • Pip Hare’s boat went the distance on less than 20 litres of methanol, powering a hydrogen fuel cell

    Light, long distance and reliable


    Although it might be a good idea for many kinds of sailboat, when it comes to long distance attempts, hydrogen fuel cells are almost a match made in heaven.

  • Marine chargers give more cycles than the automotive variety

    Getting all charged up


    Mark Horner of Bainbridge Marine points out that you need a charger that is sized to do the job. The rule of thumb is that the battery charger needs to be at least 10% of the total battery capacity.

  • The Axon Halo system aims at simplicity

    Clever wires mean lighter boats


    “Wiring is getting intelligent, but not everyone is comfortable with just how smart it can be, writes Stevie Knight

  • Onboard wiring isn't always easy to get at

    Innovations take a load off


    Developments are coming in from all directions, writes Stevie Knight, many originating from beyond the marine industry. But will these really change the game?

  • There’s a number of electrically powered features aboard boats like the Volvo 70's

    Racing gets a charge


    Racing boats like the Volvo 70s often have electrically powered features onboard, such as canting keels, and these have to be adjusted with every tack, says Stevie Knight.

  • Batteries have come a long way in the last few years

    At the end of the wire


    Times have changed since you''d automatically get one standard battery for starting the motor and running all the appliances. Now there’s an awful lot of questions to ask before you get out the pliers, writes Stevie Knight.

  • Energy Solutions’ DC link box

    You cannot be serious…


    Even with no reports of electro-magnetic interference causing accidents or incidents on boats, under the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) boats must prove electro-magnetic compliance, says Peter Nash.

  • Sustainable batteries by WhisperPower

    Sustainable batteries by WhisperPower


    WhisperPower introduces three new battery ranges for frequent and intensive use. All models are maintenance-free, completely enclosed and extremely robust.

  • Mastervolt’s Masterbus-NMEA2000 interface

    Mastervolt’s Masterbus-NMEA2000 interface


    Mastervolt has launched its MasterBus-NMEA2000 interface. This easy-fit connection will allow NMEA2000 systems to be fully compatible with the Mastervolt MasterBus network, allowing information about power management, navigation, and engine performance to be displayed together on a single screen.

  • Panda marine generators – steeped in tradition

    Panda marine generators – steeped in tradition


    Fischer Panda has been steeped in the tradition of providing high efficiency power generation products over many years. The technology it employs today comes from a desire to make things better for everybody, not just the product user.

  • Schematic diagram of a thin film organic solar cell shows the top layer, a patterned, roughened scattering layer, in green, the organic thin film layer where light is trapped and electrical current is generated, in red, while the film that is sa...

    Nanotechnology comes to solar power


    Solar power has been around in the marine industry for a long time, says peter Nash. And if the engineers at America’s Stanford University get their way, Solar power will become a mainstay of future power generation.

  • Exide’s new spiral wound AGM battery

    New battery from Exide Technologies


    Exide Technologies has launched a new range of monobloc batteries featuring spiral wound AGM technologies. The drysafe RECUP (short for recuperation) batteries require no maintenance as the electrolyte is suspended in an Absorbed Glass Mat.

  • ‘the ideal way to get more work out of a solenoid system’

    Stand-alone solenoid over voltage controller


    Electromagnet subassembly development specialist, Magnet Schultz, has launched a stand-alone variant of its electronic Over Voltage Controller, which is used to deliver greater solenoid actuation force.

  • E-T-A’s bi-stable power relay

    New bi-stable power relay


    E-T-A Circuit Breakers has introduced a new bi-stable power relay designed for single-pole switching of loads in vehicle and watercraft applications.

  • The 6V battery is available in 260Ah, 340Ah and 400Ah

    Mastervolt’s leaner and greener 6V batteries


    Mastervolt has launched a range of three new 6V AGM batteries. Each high-capacity model is designed to form a building block for a fully customised battery bank, allowing for 12, 24 or 48V banks to be created in restricted space onboard.

  • Whisper Power's DAME winning Genverter, 5kVA at 230VAC and only 70kg. A DC series is also due soon with a full hybrid version next spring

    Time flies, but costs stand still


    There is no doubt the standard of on board electrics has improved enormously over the years, writes David Melville. But delivering reliable pure sine wave AC electricity at low levels remains much as it was 20 years ago.

  • Dometic’s TWC Compact Tempering Unit produced under the Cruisair name

    No longer a luxury, but a necessity


    During the 50 years that air conditioning has been available for marine use, advancements in technology have allowed what was once a luxury to now be accessible to the general boating market, says Katina Read.

  • Mase_Mariner_700.JPG

    Mariner goes all over the world


    Mase has just introduced  a new line of Mariner generators to its international market.

  • E-T-A_offers_LED_illumination_for_switch_circuit_breaker.jpg

    E-T-A offers LED illumination for switch/circuit breaker


    E-T-A Circuit Breakers has introduced a new variant of its extremely versatile and reliable 3120 Series of rocker-actuated, combined switch/circuit breakers.