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  • The LE-450 generates 20% more power

    Wind and lights give power boost


    With boats carrying an increasing amount of essential electric equipment which inevitably drain batteries even faster, owners and crews must maximise the power of nature while finding ways to reduce their onboard consumption.

  • When a battery’s charge level drops below a pre-defined threshold, the fuel cell automatically starts to recharge it

    Fuel cells are silent and lightweight


    Reliable off-grid power is a challenge on-board yachts and sailboats.

  • TMS has added the new Watt & Sea POD 600 hydrogenerator to its range

    New Watt & Sea hydrogenerator


    In order to ensure effective power management at sea without harming the environment, distributor Technical Marine Supplies has added the new Watt & Sea POD 600 hydrogenerator to its range.

  • Ecoworks replaces undesirable ingredients with eco-solvents, plant and fermentation extracts

    Sector must ‘clean up’ its act


    If the marine sector was inspected by the education watchdog Ofsted for its use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products it would be given the lowest grade possible, ‘inadequate’, says Ecoworks Marine MD, Scott Johnson.

  • SMG is distributing Solar Technology's range of solar panels

    SMG adds Solar Technology to its portfolio


    In a world where the consequences of a throw- away society is starting to become evident, consumers are increasingly looking for products to help reduce their impact on the earth’s environment.

  • Floating rubbish is sucked into the Seabin

    Seabin wages war on ocean litter


    Reducing the ever-growing amount of plastic and litter in our oceans is something we’ve yet to tackle on a global scale, yet one firm, Seabin is waging it owns war on these pollutants with increasing  success.

  • De-Oil-It cleans grease, fuel and oil spills

    Ecological solutions from C-Quip


    With marine trade distributors increasingly being lobbied by customers to offer environmentally-friendly products, C-Quip is reminding boaters about its range of ecological De-Oil-It cleaning solutions.

  • Seabin

    Land Rover BAR install the UK's first ‘Seabin’


    The UK’s first Seabin has been installed on the Land Rover BAR team’s pontoon in Portsmouth.

  • Efoy Comfort fuel cells

    Efoy Comfort fuel cells powering Mini Transat


    More than 50% of boats taking part in the Mini Transat race are using SFC Energy’s Efoy Comfort fuel cells.

  • Gioco Solutions uses a patented process to reduce the occurrence of micro cracks and hot spots

    Not all PV panels are made the same


    The flexible solar cells made in Italy by Gioco Solutions uses a patented process to reduce the occurrence of micro cracks and hot spots.

  • The Comfort 140 provides enough power for the average yacht

    Popularity of fuel cells continues to rise


    For commercial shipping, the question of emissions is a growing issue and while LNG is one way of reducing these, another is to use fuel cells, a system that is being used increasingly in auxiliary engines.

  • Torqeedo looks to BMW for a power boost

    Torqeedo looks to BMW for power boost


    Electric motor specialist Torqeedo is bullish about its prospects for 2017, pushing on with a range of products which it believes may make the traditional inboard diesel engine a thing of the past.

  • The cost of EFTE panels is coming down

    Technical Marine Supplies sees sales strengthen for EFTE solar panels


    Technical Marine Supplies (TMS) provides a plethora of marine equipment to clients in both trade and manufacturing working with a number of manufacturers with strong environmental credentials in the solar power and wind generating sector, including Watt and Sea and Silentwind.

  • Marlec has introduced a new controller system on the Rutland 1200

    Marlec breathes fresh life into an old favourite


    Marlec is a company that has made its name in supplying wind generators and solar panels, having built up a strong reputation through years of innovation and development.

  • Fogbuster is the latest product from Ecoworks

    Ecoworks continues to expand its range


    Cleaning products are often full of chemicals that are damaging to the environment, a real problem in the boating industry where products are washed directly from the deck into the sea.

  • Kebony provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hardwoods

    Kebony’s hardwood alternative enjoys rock solid sales


    For many years, Norwegian manufacturer Kebony has provided an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hardwoods such as teak and iroko, materials that are staples both above and below decks on yachts of all sizes.

  • The Bente Green is an eco-friendly yacht

    Bente shapes up its green credentials


    Bente Yachts is a German boatbuilder with a design brief to produce fun, affordable and innovative yachts.

  • The upgraded Rutland 1200 controller

    Remote display


    Marlec has upgraded its Rutland 1200 controller with new push buttons and launched a new remote display.

  • Solar Technology's refined junction box

    Solar Technology carries out modifications


    After launching its PV Logic Flexi solar panel range at Metstrade last year, Solar Technology International says it has enjoyed an incredible period of sales with customers loving the quality of the panel as well as the price.

  • News

    Trickle charging wind turbine from Leading Edge


    Over the last couple of years people have been looking for more powerful turbines in order to power more electrical appliances.