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    New unit from Ultrasonic Antifoul


    Engineers on larger yachts have traditionally had headaches with biofouling in sea chests and the filters blocking up, restricting the flow of water and hindering efficiency and safety.

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    New unique controller from Marlec


    A new controller from Marlec promises to be unique with inputs for both wind and solar providing optimum power.

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    New All in One range from Solbian and Barden


    Barden became UK distributor for Solbian solar panels in 2012 and says over this time sales have increased dramatically.The company has now launched the latest range of solar panels, the SP Solbian flex series All in One (AIO) range.And along with the new range Solbian has incorporated a MPPT ‘plug ...

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    60,000sqm to be sold by Flexiteak this year


    Increasing numbers of yacht producers are specifying Flexiteak as standard including the Hanse group and Sealine.

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    Weight and space are important


    When talking about the efficiency of solar panels, most people think about the power that is produced.

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    Ecoworks Marine products speak for themselves


    Ecoworks Marine launched its marine range of eco friendly cleaning products a few months’ ago, having been in the biological industry for around nine years.

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    Several options from TMS


    When it comes to renewable power, there is still no one reliable source and boat owners should have at least two ways to generate the power required.

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    Boatyards continue to use harsh chemicals


    When it comes to eco friendly cleaning products, scepticism about their effectiveness still abounds with many boatyards tending to continue to use harsh chemicals as they are cheaper.

  • The new hull cleaning product from Scrubbis

    Green and renewable inventions from Scrubbis


    Marine and Industrial has signed an exclusive agreement with Swedish company Scrubbis which markets itself as focusing on green and renewable inventions.

  • The lanolin based LanoProtect range from allspars

    Cruisers want more than one form of power generation


    For cruisers going off on long distance voyages, the security of having more than one form of power generation is always comforting, writes Katina Read.

  • Marlec's Rutland 914 - now established in the marketplace

    Technology is now well established


    Another company benefitting from eco friendly established technology is Marlec, which says sales of wind turbines and solar panels are still growing.

  • Sea Vision light available from Timage

    New brand introduced to the UK


    Underwater lights were initially used in swimming pools but were not suitable for the marine environment.

  • One of Tecnoseal's mercury anode kits



    All Boat Care has sold the Tecnoseal range of anodes for two seasons and says the past few weeks have been ‘exceptional’ with people suddenly remembering they have a boat again.

  • The new Dan Fender protecting the bow against anchor damage

    LED navigation lights approved


    Lower power consumption has associated benefits, writes Katina Read. Like smaller batteries, downsizing of cables, less weight and less fuel consumption that should come from recent advances in LED technology.

  • Aquaseal's new wipes

    Marine sector is a growth area


    With many companies struggling in the current economic climate, Everbuild sees the marine industry as a growth area and, in Aquaseal, has launched a new label dedicated for boaters, writes Katina Read.

  • Kingfisher ropes in use in a pulley

    Grand prix technology filters down


    Lighter, stronger and more powerful – that’s the effect of technologies from the grand prix race boats trickling down to the everyday boater, writes Katina Read. And while this is apparent in most sectors of the marine industry, it can be seen with great effect in the rope market.

  • The ‘Oyster’ is designed to take on turbulent near-shore waves

    Riding the waves


    Neil Davidson of Aquamarine Power explains that water’s not all the same: ask any sailor.

  • Tidal turbines have to be massive to take on their environment but its links to the mainland that are making life difficult

    The ups and downs of water power


    The wave and tidal resources are huge round the UK, and although it’s not how seafarers usually see it, the places around the north of Scotland are especially blessed.

  • The Pelamis ‘sea snake’ wave power device surges with the waves

    Sea energy breaks through


    One repeated question has been, ‘why has wave and tidal power been lagging behind wind in getting to market?’ There are a few answers, but it seems that it’s not such a bad position to be in, writes Stevie Knight.

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    Silver lining to scrub down debacle


    Scrubbing down is hard work enough, without having to tackle an extra layer of paper. Stevie Knight explains that although licences aren’t going to be required, there are very good reasons to sit up and take note.