Environment & Sustainability – Page 8

  • Marinas and chandleries will become Sleek refill centres Photo: Sleek

    Sleek refills at marinas and chandleries


    Sleek is teaming up with marinas and chandleries to offer upgraded recycling options for its range of eco-friendly cleaning products.

  • Ecoworks Marine has added to its distributor network

    Ecoworks Marine expands its reach


    Ecoworks Marine has added Exalto Marine and 37 South to its growing list of distributors for its sustainable cleaning products.

  • The Victron SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controller Photo: Midland Chandlers

    Solar controllers from Midland Chandlers


    Midland Chandlers has expanded its range of environmentally-conscious items that include solar controllers, cleaning products and stove fuels.

  • Solar Technology has provided solar panels to support an Atlantic rowing event

    Solar panels support Atlantic row


    Solar Technology International’s PV Logic semi-flexible solar panels will be used to support a team of serving and former Royal Marine Commandos as they row across the North Atlantic Ocean in the Ocean Revival 2020.

  • Wavestream filters can be retrofitted onto a variety of craft

    Wavestream filters fitted to CRT boats


    Aqueduct Marina’s refurbishment of Canal and River Trust boats will help ensure zero pollution is emitted into inland waterways.

  • Indonesian teak is UKTR certified sustainable

    Teak is certified sustainable


    Teak has been the preferred option for ship and boat building since the European empire navies lost their battle against the Toredo worm, says Neil Wason of Marine Hardwoods and is the undisputed ‘King of Hardwoods’.

  • Torqeedo’s Deep Blue 100i Photo: Torqeedo

    Torqeedo’s 100,000th drive for Spirit


    Spirit Yachts has debuted the Spirit 111, one of the largest sailing yachts with electric propulsion in the world.

  • The Silentwind 400 PRO Photo: TMS

    New products and packaging from TMS


    Technical Marine Supplies (TMS) has improved its packaging and added new products to its portfolio, enhancing the company’s environmentally-conscious output.

  • ASAP Water Crafts wants to develop emissions-free marine power Photo: ASAP Water Crafts

    Electrifying the marine industry


    A crowdfunding campaign to help develop and promote electrical power in the marine industry has exceeded its target.

  • Autosol’s products display a microplastic-free label Photo: Autosol

    Microplastics-free eco-label gives confidence


    Autosol has created an eco-label to reassure customers that its care and cleaning products are microplastic-free.

  • The EFC is available in six versions

    Electronic antifouling control from Aquamare


    Aquamare Marine has launched an ultra-sonic antifouling product, Electronic Fouling Control.

  • Phil Sharp is raising awareness of the need for clean energy Photo: Paul Wyeth Photography

    Phil Sharp sets IoW record in eco bid


    Phil Sharp has set a new record for sailing around the Isle of Wight aboard his Class 40 race boat in a bid to raise awareness of the need for clean energy in the maritime sector.

  • SUNBEAMsystems new carbon fibre solar panels can be easily installed on canvas Photo: SUNBEAMsystems

    Carbon solar panels solve canvas problem


    SUNBEAMsystem has unveiled a new solar panel with an integrated carbon fibre stiffener said to solve the problem of installing panels on canvas.

  • Halyard has been awarded the Wave International Environmental Award

    Halyard demonstrates its green credentials


    Halyard has been awarded the 2019 Wave International Environmental Award after outstripping other distributors in selling the company''s environmentally friendly products.

  • Solar Technology International has produced a solar panel guide

    Solar panel guide


    Solar Technology International has produced a guide to help companies guide their customers to the right size panel.

  • Marlec has introduced new solar panels from SunPower Photo: Marlec

    Marlec introduces new SunPower panels


    Renewable energy company Marlec, has introduced a new range of SunPower semi-flexible solar panels developed to deliver greater efficiency.

  • Dura Composites' new duct cover offers a low maintenance, heavy duty solution

    Sustainable solutions tick more boxes


    Now is the right time for marina developers to seize the opportunity to find smarter ways to reduce costs while promoting sustainability.

  • SLEEK Clean Care introduced refill pouches last year

    Post-consumer plastic waste is used for bottles


    Cleaning products company SLEEK Clean Care, has launched a new range of bottles, made from 100% post-consumer plastic waste collected from the ocean waterways and shores.

  • Wavebrite has been installed at Ocean Village Marina

    Wavestream complies with ECO Notation rules


    Wave International’s Paul Gullett says the company’s vision is simple: cleaner seas, oceans and waterways achieved by developing and marketing eco focused products aimed at reducing the effect marine transport has on the environment.

  • Suffolk Yacht Harbour has installed a Seabin and electric vehicle charging points Photo: Suffolk Yacht Harbour

    SYH invests in green initiatives


    As part of an investment into environmental initiatives, Suffolk Yacht Harbour (SYH) has installed a Seabin and two electric vehicle charging points at its River Orwell marina.