Exterior Fitting Out – Page 8

  • LED lights produce a continuous beam with a dot free neon effect

    Timage responds to shift in LED technology


    The most contemporary way to light a boat is using an LED strip rather than individual courtesy lights.

  • The new Quick Cleat heavy-duty fender clip

    New Quick Cleat fender clip


    The new Quick Cleat heavy-duty portable pontoon rail fender clip uses a no-knot Quick Cleat mounted on a stainless steel bracket designed for easy adjustment of fender height.

  • News

    Marlow teams up with the US


    Marlow Ropes has signed a partnership to be the official rope supplier of the US Sailing Team and US Sailing’s Olympic Development Program (ODP) through to 2020.

  • Sunstream Boat Lifts has launched two new boat covers

    New boat covers from Sunstream Boat Lifts


    Sunstream Boat Lifts has launched its latest products - the SwiftShield Universal Automatic Boat Cover (ABC-U) and the SwiftShield Piling Automatic Boat Cover (ABC-P).

  • The Boatox range of products is designed to help crew clean, restore and protect

    Cleaning products


    Wild Group has launched a new set of cleaning products for superyachts, designed to be used on paint, gel and vinyl wrapped surfaces.

  • The decking acts as a nifty type of deck lighting

    Very clever decking


    Esthec Sensor Deck, the decking material that detects every motion on board, has seen an increase in demand since its launch last year.

  • The VX Windlass has benefitted from an aggressive development programme

    Lewmar vertical windlasses


    Lewmar has added several new products to its portfolio with an emphasis on its new and improved vertical windlass range.

  • Esthec Solar Glow is available from Moody Decking

    Luminous decking


    LUMINOUS DECKING: A Dutch specialist in composite decking for the yacht industry has developed an innovative luminous decking material that converts solar power into light.

  • New deck bushes from Allen Bros

    Anodised through deck bushes from Allen


    With racing sailors becoming more demanding and rigs become more complex, identifying individual systems on the boat is a major advantage.

  • Southern Ropes aramid runner braid

    Interior design influences rope choice


    Choosing which ropes and particularly which colours to put on a boat is a bit like interior designing.

  • Screen-Shot-2016-03-31-at-11.31.29.jpg

    Underwater lighting enhances beauty and spectacle


    OceanLED says it started the LED revolution of underwater lighting in 2005 as the first company to provide underwater LED solutions for boats.

  • News

    New lines pay off


    The move away from standard incandescent bulbs to LED has also been seen by Seaware.

  • News

    US market takes off for Makefast


    For Makefast life is busy, particularly with orders of its powered awning to the States.

  • News

    Bainbridge partners with Star brite for environmental reasons


    While environmentally friendly cleaning products were not considered as effective as their counterparts a few years ago, this is now far from the case, as manufacturers have worked hard to make their products powerful, biodegradable and green.

  • One of Technoseal's mercury anodes

    MGDUFF departs from the traditional


    Sleeker, faster, smoother – these are the continued trends in boat fitting out and while many say the world of anodes is very traditional, MGDUFF has remodelled its most popular anodes to more stylised and hydrodynamic forms, writes Katina Read.

  • Dione light from Aqua Signal

    The latest gadgets are always required


    The trend for boat owners wanting their boats to be more akin to their homes is continuing with the latest gadgets required to make their craft look special writes Katina Read.

  • Makefast's new Eaton sunroof system

    Technological boundaries constantly pushed


    With motorboat builders in particular wanting a seamless look and design to glazing, technological boundaries are being pushed almost to the limit writes Katina Read.

  • Dek-King's synthetic decking

    Low maintenance but still retaining traditional values


    We all know that to keep teak decks looking their best, a little love and care is required. And for this reason Wilks says its Dek-King range of synthetic decking is always popular with its low maintenance, yet traditional look and feel.

  • Ultrasonic's Series II is pollutant free

    Cost versus eco-friendly


    When it comes to a choice between eco friendly and cost, the latter often wins with consumers perhaps not being as environmentally aware as they should be writes Katina Read.

  • Solar panels are becoming smaller

    Power without noise


    With an increase in boat owners taking longer cruises, many are looking for ways to charge their batteries other than by an engine, cutting down on diesel costs, the inconvenience of carrying extra fuel, noise and wear and tear, writes Katina Read.