A high output lithium-ion battery storage system with a long life has been launched for vessels and mobile port equipment.


AKASystem OEM has a battery storage capacity of 24.4kW per hour

The AKASystem OEM has a battery storage capacity of 24.4kW per hour at a voltage of 661V (nominal), and can reach outputs of 150kW (peak).

German Manufacturer AKASOL says the system’s high storage capacity renders it cost-effective and means it can be used with a wide range of applications from fully electric or hybrid drives to cable winch, crane and pump operation through to on-board electronics.

“Thanks to its maintenance-free use and high degree of technological maturity, it provides the ideal basis for reliable and economical operation of hybrid and fully electric drive systems,” said Markus Michelberger, head of stationary and marine energy storage system (ESS) at AKASOL.

AKASOL stated that depending on system requirements, an unlimited number of battery boxes can theoretically be connected in parallel or in series and thus achieve energy levels and outputs.

The company’s water/glycol cooling system is also designed to ensure that the battery modules maintain a uniform temperature, allowing the battery system to achieve consistent output values.

Easily interchangeable and with a long lifecycle, AKASystem OEM can be used on a range of vessels including yachts, excursion boats, ferries, tugs and offshore supply and drilling ships.