Harken has a range of new deck hardware products for 2020-2021 including new winches, fly block and a new line of Gizmos.

One of Harken’s CLR range of winches, the CLR600EC Photo: Harken

One of Harken’s CLR range of winches, the CLR600EC Photo: Harken

The latest addition to the current range of fly blocks is the 18mm Triple Fly block, suitable for rigging outriggers, dredgers and teasers. Made of composite fibre-reinforced sideplates together with stainless steel inner race, rivet and ball bearings, it is specifically designed to have a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Harken is also offering a new line of Gizmos, its growing range of engineered soft-attach terminations and through-deck pieces comprising single and double-sided through-deck bushings, loops and padeye kits.


The new Air Winch 900 can be powered or pedestal-drive and, like the rest of the range, features a set of interchangeable gear kits giving sailors flexibility in differing conditions and crew configurations. Designed for monohulls over 80ft, it is made of carbon fibre with an aluminium drum.

A further new winch is the CLR 12000 mooring winch, suitable for both sail and power yachts up to 300 feet and with holding power of up to 12,000kg. The deck-mounted winch is available in either electric or hydraulic power and is the sixth CLR in the range which is suitable for boats from 45 to 300ft.