Stay attached with Ronstan block and clutch

The Ronstan Constrictor Textile Rope Clutch grips like an 'octopus on the line' Photo: SailTek The Ronstan Constrictor Textile Rope Clutch grips like an 'octopus on the line' Photo: SailTek
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Advances in rope technology have assisted boat owners in their search for less cumbersome products, says sailing hardware supplier, SailTek.

South coast-based manufacturer, Ronstan, is meeting the need for weight-saving and versatility with its SHOCK sheaveless block and Constrictor Textile Rope Clutch.

Smaller and lighter

“The general trend we have seen in hardware is for smaller, lighter less sophisticated products,” explains Jason Belben of SailTek, distributor for Ronstan. “This has mainly come about due to the advances in rope technology, so Ronstan’s SHOCKs have become increasingly popular where size and weight saving is preferential to ultimate efficiency,” he adds.

The advances in rope technology has also assisted the new Constrictor Rope Clutch, which uses a Technora sock to grip a halyard rather than using a metal arm. “This has become increasingly popular in boats such as the IMOCA 60’s where weight saving, versatility and non-abrasion is important,” says Mr Belben.

No moving parts

Available in two sizes, SHOCKS have no moving parts and are designed primarily for ‘soft attachment’; spliced to a line end or lashed in place. They are suitable for dinghy and small sailboat rigghing applications including tweakers, vangs, trapezes, cunninghams, barber haulers and kite bridles. They are also handy on larger boats for using as lazy jacks, sail covers, hoists and tie-downs.

Weighing 2.5kg (RF8080) and with a break load of 1,000kg (RF8081), SHOCKS accept lines from 1.4mm up to 10mm.

Octopus on the line

The Constrictor Textile Rope Clutch has a textile sock which closes like an octopus on the line. The rope runs freely through the sock in one direction but is gripped instantly when running out in the opposite direction.

Available in five sizes, the Constrictor has a break load from 1150 to 4350kg and is suitable for halyard and control applications on boats up to 20m.

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