New spray hood design

The ErgoFit+ lifejacket is inspired by product developments with French SAR organisation Les Sauveteurs en Mer The ErgoFit+ lifejacket is inspired by product developments with French SAR organisation Les Sauveteurs en Mer
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Crewsaver is launching its new ErgoFit+ lifejacket at METSTRADE 2018, inspired by the company’s product developments with the French search and rescue organisation, Les Sauveteurs en Mer.

The design of the ErgoFit+ includes a spray hood design that almost completely seals off the water from the face, achieved through improved bladder and spray-hood compatibility, allowing the hood to block off water ingress.

The hood itself is made from a double-hooped construction which is self-supporting and designed to create a cavity above the wearer’s face.

“It has been proven that the addition of a spray hood inside a lifejacket can significantly enhance the wearer’s safety,” said head of Crewsaver’s design department, Nigel Parkes. “It increases visibility and protects the airway, reducing the risk of secondary drowning which can result from water inhalation.”

He added: “It is our duty to continuously look at new ways we can improve the design of our lifejackets to ensure our users are getting the very best protection to stay #LifejacketSafe.”

The ErgoFit+ lifejacket will be available from March 2019.

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