Link LiFOS batteries for more power

Solar Technology's LiFOS battery can be linked to increase power Photo: Solar Technology Solar Technology's LiFOS battery can be linked to increase power Photo: Solar Technology
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The ability to link lithium batteries to give additional power is proving popular with boat owners, according to Solar Technology.

The company has received much interest from the marine sector for its LiFOS 68Ah battery which can be linked in series of four to generate up to 48 volts. Alternatively, the batteries can be linked in parallel to increase amp hours.

Solar Technology's marketing manager, Caroline Rawlinson, said that "this allows you to take advantage of the lightweight power and high cycling capabilities of the lithium batteries when you need more than the energy the current single battery can produce."


LiFOS uses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) which makes the batteries ideal for voltage sensitive and high cycling applications including leisure, commercial and off grid renewable energy.

Weighing 7.8kg, the new LiFOS 100Ah is 77% lighter than a comparable 120Ah lead acid battery and at 190mm high and 175mm wide, is compact enough to fit into small storage spaces.

The battery management system built into LiFOS helps ensure it can be charged and discharged up to six times more than alternative options thus reducing the price per cycle.

Easy monitoring

The LiFOS battery is monitored through a free Apple or Android Bluetooth-enabled app. Once connected to a smart device, the app will also send users a reminder to put LiFOS on charge once the battery has been discharged to 30%.

The battery is fitted with removable terminal posts so that the ring terminals can be connected directly to the terminal plates and operates in temperatures of -20 to +60°C and in any orientation.

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