New deep cycle battery range

DBS Leoch's SLCA batteries are maintenance-free, durable and have a long shelf-life DBS Leoch's SLCA batteries are maintenance-free, durable and have a long shelf-life
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DBS Leoch’s Superior Lead Carbon AGM (SLCA) batteries are designed to provide a long-life and super-fast charging power solution for the marine sector.

The batteries can charge up to 90% in three hours and have been developed for deep cycle performance with a positive plate formula to minimise water consumption and provide a longer service life at 1,500 cycles at 50% DoD (depth of discharge). 

The company has used a mixture of carbon and other key additives found in negative material to allow the SLCA range to perform in partial state of charge (PSoC). 

This increases charge acceptance, optimises fast charging capability and reduces sulphation that is a key reason for premature failure.

The range also features a bespoke separator, designed to lower internal resistance, which keeps plates wet, maintains cell compression and prevents acid stratification. Other features include double wrapping to prevent short circuiting.

“The SLCA range offers a very low cost, simple to install bank of batteries,” explained DBS Leoch MD Henry James. “They’re maintenance-free, durable and long shelf-life batteries.”

For increased amp hours, a second bank can be fitted in parallel. 

The batteries also have a gelled composition to enhance their performance in deep discharge applications.

DBS Leoch is the UK subsidiary of lifestyle and leisure battery manufacturer Leoch.

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