Couriers like easy to ship goods

The GALAXY-INFL8 is easier and cheaper to ship than traditional antennas The GALAXY-INFL8 is easier and cheaper to ship than traditional antennas

One of the most notable changes in marine technology across the last ten years is the increase in consumer desire for products with ease of use and arguably more importantly, ease of installation, believes Dave Manessah.

The European sales manager (antennas) for Shakespeare says this demand for simplicity has contributed to the company selling more of its ‘easy install’ plugs, such as the PL-259-CPG and PL-258-CPG, than ever before.

“This is not the only factor that has impacted research and design processes throughout the industry however,” he says. “Another is the need for easy-to-ship goods for couriers.

“As antennas are, by nature, large products, they are difficult to safely ship at reasonable courier costs.”

This difficulty steered Shakespeare towards developing the GALAXY-INFL8 inflatable antenna that is able to be packed down to a much smaller size making it cheaper to ship.

Another influencer when developing products is the prevalence of smartphones, with many boaters are choosing to rely on mobile phones for emergency signalling – not something recommend due to the risk of losing network signal.

“With the introduction of ‘plug and play’ technology becoming more commonplace, boating seems to be gradually transitioning from a highly-technical past time to a more inclusive one – something which is great for the industry,” adds Dave.

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