Suzuki strengthens its position

Suzuki's new DF175A and DF150A both incorporate the company's Lean Burn Control System Suzuki's new DF175A and DF150A both incorporate the company's Lean Burn Control System
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Suzuki’s new multi-function displays received their debut at Seawork last month.

The aim of the MFD is to provide the ‘ultimate connectivity’ in order to unite the helmsman with the surrounding environment and make driving boats easier.

The MFD can be set up to show a split-screen combination of engine and environmental information such as chart plotter, radar, fish finder and weather information via an internet connection.

The new display unit features a glass top design and multi-touch controls. It is available in seven, nine, 12 and 16in screens as well as a number of mounting options to suit any boat and console configuration.


The launch follows on from the debut of Suzuki’s new DF175A and DF150A outboard last year, designed to strengthen the company’s position within this horsepower sector.

“This is an important horsepower sector for us and the introduction of these new models will strengthen our line-up,” said Yasuharu Osawa, managing officer, executive general manager, marine operations, Suzuki Motor Corporation. “The new DF150A and DF175A are packed with the very latest Suzuki’s technologies which will deliver the ultimate boating experience.”

The new models have a 2.9-litre in-line four-cylinder DOHC engine, with a high 10.2:1 compression ratio for low-end torque and acceleration.


To maximise performance, the new models have a semi-direct air intake system to provide the engine with a cooler flow of air, an O₂ sensor to optimise combustion and a knock sensor for reliability.

Suzuki has also used its offset drive shaft to move the outboard’s centre of gravity forward, to improve balance and reduce vibration on the transom and also contribute to the outboard’s overall compactness.

The DF175A and DF150A both incorporate Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System, designed to save fuel both at low speed and up into the cruising range.

The system predict fuel needs according to operating conditions, then delivers an optimum mixture of fuel and air to the engine.

In the case of these new models, Suzuki’s data shows a 14% improvement in fuel economy for the DF175A over the DF175 and a 7% improvement for the DF150A over the DF150.

Optional extras include troll mode system, Easy Start System and Keyless Start System.

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