Antifoul additions are tailored to boat owners

Micron 350 gives two-year protection in all conditions Micron 350 gives two-year protection in all conditions
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International has introduced several additions to its antifouling range, each tailored towards individual boat owners and levels of fouling.

Boatguard 100 is a low-cost antifouling, designed to repel all fouling organisms while being quick and easy to apply.

Cruiser 200 is a bright white polishing antifouling that can be applied on all substrates including aluminium.

Cruiser 250 is a polishing antifouling, designed to offer year-round protection in all but the worst fouling environments.

Uni-Pro 250 is an antifouling designed for professional application while Ultra 300 is a hard antifouling, optimised to give a smooth finish that can be scrubbed if needed.

The last new antifoul from International is its Micron 350 that gives two-year protection in all conditions using advanced self-polishing copolymer technology.


Outside the antifouling range, the most recent product from International is Super Gloss HS, new to the UK market in time for Spring 2019.

The easy-to-use gloss topcoat can be roller applied without the need for tipping off. The product is available in 750ml tins and ten colours.

Also new is Perfection Pro, an ultra-high gloss topside paint that creates a lasting finish with chemical, abrasion and UV resistance, plus strong colour retention that is formulated for easy application by spray, brush or roller.

International has also upgraded its website with a detailed support section and a user-friendly guide.

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