Passionate people

I had been catching up recently reading the pile of daily papers that had built up, before turning them into fire lighters for the barbecue, during the glorious summer we are about to have. I knew I needed to be quick…

Then while flipping pages one line struck me in a business section, it noted – ‘The biggest concern for any organisation should be when their most passionate people become quiet.’

It struck me as an interesting line of thought.

Does this mean that generally the British way of having a healthy passionate session of questioning and debate, has ended? Does this now mean we are in a time of general business lethargy?

So it got me thinking, how is the level of passion for the business you are in, amongst your staff or for that matter the people around you, do you think about that, do you encourage passion?

Because I think our industry should be overflowing with passion, when all is said and done, we are a high end leisure sector. We all make the dream happen, we should fuel the passion.

Can you really operate a business in leisure marine without a passion at its core…?

Oh but in this day and age we have to be so much more corporate I here you say. But why is that the case?

I have to contend that, our best years where when passionate characters danced around our industry, creating opportunities, reasons ‘to do’ and not reasons ‘not to do’ the unthinkable and buy a boat.

Passion for what we all do should and must be at the core. If we lose our passion, we lose our ability to care for what we should be proudest of – our business.

Create and foster passion in your work, if you believe in something then bang that drum, you might be surprised how many others want to join you.

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