Topper moulds 'for £1'

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The hugely successful Topper - which is assembled from vacuum formed plastic panels as opposed to rotomoulded - had of course already shown that a plastic dinghy made in a different way to conventional hand laid GRP could succeed. Big time.

Those early rotomoulded boats were in the vanguard of a revolution in the field of small boat affordability that is now coming of age.

But adding stiffening and attaching fittings to the Topper's pre formed panels before they are fused together is a lot simpler that trying to do the same job inside a one piece rotomoulding whose inner regions are inaccessible. In addition, the original costs of the Topper's vacuum forming tooling funded by brewers Guinness would no longer be possible to justify on a financial basis.

Indeed, Topper eventually took over the moulds at a fraction of their cost - £1 so the rumour goes. Since then around 45,000 Toppers have popped out. Not a bad investment by Topper . . . PP

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