Trust complaints are up

Canal & River Trust The Waterways Ombudsman report shows the number of complaints is slightly above the average over the past five years. .Credit: Canal & River Trust
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252 complaints were received by the Canal & River Trust in 2017/18, according to the latest Waterways Ombudsman report.

The report show that the number of complaints is above the average of 225 over the past five years. During the year the Ombudsman received 35 enquiries about the Trust, down on 39 last year. Fifteen new investigations were opened, which was one more than the previous year and the number of completed investigations was 14, three lower than the previous year.

Of the 14 investigations completed, one was upheld, while in a further four investigations the complaint was either upheld in part, or elements of it were upheld. Goodwill awards were proposed in three cases, although in one case the complainant did not accept it.

Wide-ranging complaints

There was a very diverse range of complaints. The majority were about boating issues, including the treatment of boaters without a home mooring.

Of the other complaints, there was one about the routing of HS2, as well as others in some way related to land or property.

Complainants are asked to complete a survey before a report into their complaint is issued to gauge their view of the process rather than the outcome.

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