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  • Adrian Miles is the MD of Bruntons Propellers

    Adrian Miles - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…I grew up in a sailing family racing dinghies and thought what can I do that involves boats. The initial idea was to be a yacht designer but I ended up making propellers. Not sure quite how that happened but it has given me a ...

  • Robert Games is the MD of Albright IP

    Is the UK boat industry missing out on innovation tax savings?


    Intellectual Property (IP) is vital for the UK boat sector, not only does it create much needed value in the sector but it protects its innovations and the many great brands that make it up, writes Robert Games.

  • Kate O'Sullivan is owner and MD of ADPR

    The changing role of social media in communications


    With the development of social media channels, businesses now have the chance for direct communication with their customers in real time. We take a look at how companies are using social platforms as their primary method for communication, writes Kate O''Sullivan.

  • Richard Roberts and Simon White are joint CEO and co-founders of TheYachtMarket.com

    Richard Roberts and Simon White – People Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…. RR: I wasn’t happy in the world of commercial architecture. It was either a property or boats portal and my passion for sailing and love of the ocean won. SW: Richard had the idea of building an online boating marketplace. With my background ...

  • Fleur Lewis is a partner at Bishop Fleming Accountants

    New commissioner to help businesses with their credit control


    Small firms struggling to deal with business customers who are slow payers have new help in the form of a small business commissioner, writes Fleur Lewis.

  • Peter Shervington is a senior associate at Eversheds Sutherland

    Product branding and product liability risk


    Product liability is creeping ever higher up the list of boardroom priorities for businesses, writes Peter Shervington. Increased media attention on product safety incidents brings the potential for a badly managed crisis to kill off a company entirely.

  • Jason Piper is a senior manager in tax and business Law at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

    New year, new tax challenges


    January is always a good time to look ahead and make plans and HMRC is doing its bit to assist firms in that regard. With a raft of announcements in the November Budget there are a number of proposals that, when implemented, will affect how a business runs its tax ...

  • Kate O'Sullivan is MD at ADPR

    Are you ready for GDPR?


    The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25 2018 and it holds significant implications for marketing.

  • Mark Luffingham sailing on board Jessica

    Mark Luffingham - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry… My mother saw an advert for a sales manager/director at marine electronics manufacturer Stowe Marine. The following morning, I went to look at the building, met the MD and that evening submitted my CV. 185 applicants and four interviews later, the job was mine.

  • Fleur Lewis is a partner at Bishop Fleming

    Are you paying the right amount?


    If you employ people, you need to make sure they are being paid the minimum rates of pay and that you are properly calculating their holiday pay writes Fleur Lewis.

  • Rob Stevens is MD of Topsail Insurance

    Rob Stevens - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…My Father started in Lloyd’s in the late 50’s, then my brother in the 80’s so in 1986 it was a natural progression for me to go onto a Lloyd’s marine syndicate. I’ve been in marine insurance ever since. I’m not sure what I want ...

  • Kate O'Sullivan is MD of ADPR

    Writing a winning award entry


    Winning a prestigious award and even securing a nomination can be used as a fantastic new business tool, writes Kate O''Sullivan. Awards increase your credibility, the company’s profile and lift team morale.

  • News

    At sea with the GDPR


    In April 2016, the European Union finally passed a dry, but important, piece of legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). EU member states were given a two-year period to implement it into their own national law, writes Adam Bernstein.

  • David Mossman is UK sales manager for Marlow Ropes

    David Mossman - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…it seemed inevitable after growing up in a marine industry family and always having one foot in a race boat. Only sorry I didn’t join the team at Marlow sooner.

  • Sarah Carlton is an associate at Fox Williams LLP

    Phoenix companies rising from the ashes


    It’s a sad fact of life that businesses can and do fail and the fallout can impact upon many – owners, shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers alike, writes Sarah Carlton.

  • Kate O'Sullivan is ADPR's MD

    The importance of digital PR


    Whilst generating print coverage remains an important part of any PR campaign, securing online coverage in the form of a digital PR campaign offers many significant benefits to businesses, writes Kate O''Sullivan.

  • Fleur Lewis is a partner at Bishop Fleming Accountants

    VAT: costs or disbursements passed to customers


    Anyone running their own VAT-registered business may on occasion pass on costs to their customers that they have incurred on their behalf writes Fleur Lewis.

  • Kate O'Sullivan is the MD at ADPR

    2017 – the year of video?


    Video is quickly becoming most people’s preferred method of media consumption, writes Kate O''Sullivan. With more than 3.25 billion (yes, billion) hours of YouTube video watched in just a single month and in excess of a billion individual visitors to the site, it is easy to see why more businesses ...

  • News

    Know your fire safety facts


    Fire safety is often not the first thing on an owner’s mind in the day-to-day running of a business. But when fire strikes it’s utterly destructive because of the very nature of the materials involved writes Adam Bernstein.

  • Fleur Lewis is a partner at Bishop Fleming Accountants

    Making VAT Digital


    While Making Tax Digital for income tax and corporation tax has been delayed until at least 2020, it has been confirmed by the government that the introduction of digital reporting for VAT will still begin on 1 April 2019. This is included in the second Finance Bill to be published ...