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    Brexit negotiations: Protection of rights


    As Parliament debates the Bill to leave the European Union, Equality and Human Rights Commission Chairman, David Isaac, has called for equality and human rights impact assessments to be included. “As negotiations begin over the terms of Brexit, any deals reached must be assessed for their impact on people’s rights.

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    Extending the life of a family business


    Just like people, businesses don’t really die of old age – they die because of accident, disease or deliberate actions. Unlike people though, the majority of family run businesses are disposed of deliberately, because the owners fancy a change or can’t find a family member to take them on, writes ...

  • Fleur Lewis, partner at Bishop Fleming accountants

    Business rates - what you need to know about the changes


    Business rates are based on a property’s potential rental value, taking into account rents paid by surrounding businesses. This is then multiplied by the property’s size and by an annually adjusted multiplier, writes Fleur Lewis, partner at Bishop Fleming accountants.

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    Agency woes


    Have you ever had a bad experience with an advertising or design agency? Robin Petherbridge of Creative Partners reveals some of the tricks of the trade gleaned from 25 years creating campaigns for the marine industry.

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    Brexit – the finale


    In the final instalment of the three-part planning for Brexit special feature, Adam Bernstein considers how employers should handle related staffing issues while also outlining where firms can go for advice.

  • Peta Stuart-Hunt

    The person behind the face - Peta Stuart-Hunt


    Interview by Alice Driscoll, founder, ADPR Ltd How I got into this industry….I left London for the South Coast and in 1984 joined WSA, a leading marketing and advertising agency specialising in the marine leisure market. I gradually developed the PR division over eight years.

  • Fleur Lewis

    Autumn Statement for employers


    Whilst the 2016 Autumn Statement may have been short on major announcements, it did confirm some key employment tax issues, most of which take effect from April 2017.

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    Are you due a refund on your marine fuel


    You may be eligible to claim back the duty paid on your marine fuel. From business to business this VAT reclaim is not as commonly known about and implemented as you might expect, says Rebecca Phillips, director at Tribe Advisory and Accounting.

  • Russell Currie

    Russell Currie – Fairline, PBTF


    How I got into this industry…. I studied mechanical and production engineering at Plymouth University and saw an advert for a ‘Powerboat Test Engineer’ at Princess. Aged 23 and impressed by the great job title, I applied, got the job which turned out to be a serious job with ...

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    Brexit, contracts and intellectual property


    So now that we’re more than seven months past the referendum that decided that the UK is to leave the European Union, and in the midst of the lull before the storm, companies ought to be planning for their futures. In the second of a three-part feature, Adam Bernstein turns ...

  • Fleur Lewis

    Making tax digital


    The way that businesses file their accounts and tax information with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is about to change in the biggest shake up of the UK tax system since the introduction of self-assessment 20-years ago, says Bishop Fleming''s Fleur Lewis.

  • Dominic Smulders

    Dominic Smulders


    1. How I got into this industry…. By sitting at the back of the class at school not listening

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    Brexit and finance


    On June 23 the electorate spoke and declared, albeit with a small majority, that it wanted the UK to leave Europe. The problem is that while we’re engaged in a ‘phoney war’ with Europe we still need to prepare for change – even if the High Court ruled at the ...

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    Show don't tell


    Marketing Communications Robin Petherbridge of Creative Partners reveals some of the tricks of the trade gleaned from 25 years creating campaigns for the marine industry.

  • Clay Builder

    Clay Builder - NautiBuoy


    1.How I got into this industry…. My father owned a windsurfing school and was a yacht broker and commodore of a yacht club in Mallorca. I was swimming before I could walk, sailed from an early age and did my first Atlantic crossing aged17. I bailed out of Uni and ...

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    All change on business rates


    The last two years have brought challenging times for ratepayers and there is little respite on the horizon. With the 2017 revaluation looming, rateable values are likely to increase substantially throughout large swathes of the country writes Adam Bernstein.

  • Rebecca Reeves of Tribe Advisory and Accounting

    You don’t need to be a tech company to get R&D cash back


    Many UK maritime and marine small business owners don’t realise that when they spend time and money improving a process, refining a service, or developing a product, their company could be due a significant cash rebate through the R&D tax credit system.

  • Louise Fuller

    Louise Fuller


    How I got into this industry….By accident. I was asked whether I fancied practising “yacht law” and I thought it sounded fun – doing my passion for a day job.

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    Don’t pay for discrimination in the workplace


    An allegation of discrimination in the workplace can create significant problems for employers and while the total overall number of employment tribunal claims are falling, employers continue to face discrimination complaints on a regular basis, especially in retail, writes Adam Bernstein.

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    Shrinking Magazines


    Yachting Monthly''s June issue had an interesting letter from a reader expressing disappointment at its ''diminished value'' having shrunk from 200 pages in 2006 to 100 pages today.