• Jon Partridge, RS

    Person Behind the Face – Jon Partridge


    How I got into this industry…I decided to take a year out before going to university. I went to work in a sailing school for one year, ended up staying for three years, and never made it to university. From the sailing school I ended up at Tollesbury Marina before joining LDC (which branded to RS Sailing.)

  • 08-August - corporate hospitality

    Book your next corporate hospitality event at the Southampton International Boat Show


    If you are looking for somewhere to hold your next hospitality event, then look no further than the Southampton International Boat Show.

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    Changes to be aware of


    There are two set of changes that businesses need to be aware of. The first relates to how income tax payable by unincorporated businesses - such as sole traders or partnerships - is calculated. The second is a forthcoming change data protection law, writes Adam Bernstein.

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    Talking away trouble


    As any employer who has been involved in an employment dispute will know, those that end up before an Employment Tribunal can be costly, time consuming and distracting to resolve. And this is a key reason why more are looking to mediation to resolve disputes with employees, writes Adam Bernstein.

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    Once upon a time, trust and loyalty were a by word in an industry lead by passion and desire to succeed.

  • British Marine National Conference 2022

    Early bird tickets to the British Marine National Conference 2024 on sale in early June


    In what promises to be a not to be missed event, the 2024 British Marine National Conference, will be heading at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Wales, 27-28 February 2024.

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    Summer is coming


    It’s been a long drawn out spring, but summer must be around the corner as I have already heard the two phases (while working on a boat in a marina) that bring my blood to the boil quicker than a Turkish steam room.

  • Adam Ramsden

    Person Behind the Face – Adam Ramsden


    How I got into this industry…After 13 years in motorsport, I was introduced to the marine industry in 2008 through a personal connection.

  • Tony Evans, Meridian Zero

    Person Behind the Face - Tony Evans


    How I got into this industry…When I met my wife, I was one of four in the finance team floating the largest quoted hedge fund in the world.

  • Jenny Walford ADPR

    Is it ethical to use ChatGPT for marketing?


    With the launch of AI chatbot, ChatGPT (a form of language and learning model trained by AI via data input), innovation in artificial intelligence is gaining momentum worldwide.

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    Mental health awareness and loneliness


    Mental Health Awareness Week is taking place from 15 to 21 May. The aim of the week is to provide an opportunity to focus on achieving good mental health.

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    Marine union is the eutopia


    Here’s a thing. Have you noticed how it’s now incredibly fashionable to join a union, more so than any time since the 1970’s it seems.

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    How to be an employer of choice


    Very many pages have been written about how the pandemic was the catalyst for a major re-evaluation of work, culminating in ‘the Great Resignation’.

  • British Marine Ofqual

    Supporting businesses through the apprenticeship journey


    Apprenticeships are a popular route for developing talent in the marine sector and British Marine is committed to promoting the growth of marine apprenticeships in order to sustain and improve the level of skilled workers in the sector.

  • Chris Clayton, Seaward Boat Co

    Person Behind the Face – Chris Clayton


    How I got into this industry…I went to Bucklers Hard Boat Builders to help out for a few weeks whilst they had a change of MD. That was 32 years ago and I’m still waiting for a permanent contract.

  • Tina Chandler, Wright Hassall LLP

    Hybrid working – is it right for your business?


    The effect of the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23 March 2020 that everyone able to work from home must do so was a fundamental and rapid change to the world of work, writes Tina Chander.

  • London Luxury Afloat

    It’s back…London Luxury Afloat 2023


    Following the success of the inaugural event last year, we are delighted to be bringing London Luxury Afloat back to the capital (18-22 April 2023, St Katharine Docks).

  • Nathana Reboucas on unsplash

    Is the leisure marine sector a fan zone?


    I wonder if there is any other dynamic quite like the leisure marine sector when it comes to relying on goodwill from companies to operate.

  • Chris Jones is founder of the Knot Agency

    To sponsor or not to sponsor?


    It’s highly likely that a request or two for sponsorship has dropped into your inbox recently. There are loads of individuals, teams, events and restoration projects searching for funds to make good on what they have set out to achieve.

  • British Marine find a member

    Reach thousands of potential customers with ‘Find A Member’


    If you’re looking to raise awareness of your business and attract new customers, then we can help!