Opinion – Page 12

  • Dan Levy is the Overboard MD

    Person Behind the Face - Dan Levy


    How I got into this industry…My father was a keen sailor so I grew up boating. After university I worked in textile manufacturing but left that and started sailing again.

  • Kate O'Sullivan is ADPR MD

    How to network like a pro


    Networking can be hugely beneficial – it can help expand your client base, find a new job or build a professional network. Whether you see yourself as a networking natural or the thought makes your blood run cold, below are some simple tips to make networking easier, writes Kate O''Sullivan.

  • Adam Bernstein is a freelance journalist

    Consumer law and returns policies


    Consumer law changed three years ago with the introduction of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA) writes Adam Bernstein.

  • Chris Jones is founder of The Knot Agency

    Customer relationship management: a waste of time?


    Customer relationship management is an often overlooked, but fundamental business activity, writes Chris Jones. It takes time to create detailed customer records and populate a sales pipeline, but this vital task provides the backbone for sales and marketing efforts.

  • Adam Bernstein is a freelance financial journalist

    Being positive about the unthinkable


    The unthinkable never happens - right? Well sadly, that isn’t always the case, writes Adam Bernstein. While we don’t suffer from earthquakes and tsunamis, we are not immune from other threats.

  • Hannah Cash is the founder of YachtingLawyers

    Person Behind the Face - Hannah Cash


    How I got into this industry…Growing up in Cornwall, I loved everything to do with the sea. I studied Maritime Law and worked in London. When I purchased my first barge I looked for help to mortgage the vessel, find moorings, deal with the sale (very similar to property conveyance) ...

  • Angharad Lynn is a solicitor in the private client team at law firm VWV

    Business owners should make a Will


    Around 60% of the population has no Will and if you die without a Will your estate will be passed on according to the intestacy rules, writes Angharad Lynn.

  • Kate O'Sullivan is MD at ADPR

    Communications activity measurement


    One hot topic is how to tackle evaluation and measurement of campaigns, writes Kate O''Sullivan.

  • Paul Singer is founding director of Yachting Brokers

    Person Behind the Face - Paul Singer


    How I got into this industry…My father started as an office boy for a shipbroker, ending up as MD for a large US ship brokerage company. We had a holiday home in Polruan where we all learnt to sail. When he retired he bought a Salcombe-based charter company Blue Water ...

  • Fleur Lewis is a partner at Bishop Fleming Accountants

    Starting a business


    Starting a business requires juggling many issues, as well as keeping an eye on the longer-term business vision, keeping tax costs to a minimum and complying with numerous regulatory matters, writes Fleur Lewis.

  • Liz Baugh is lead medical consultant at Red Square Medical

    Person Behind the Face - Liz Baugh


    How I got into this industry…I served as a medic in the Royal Navy on board warships, then ashore as a medical designated person ashore and with the Royal Marines. After I left the military, I started at Warsash Maritime Academy as an associate lecturer. I qualified as an HSE ...

  • Adam Bernstein is a freelance journalist

    Money for nothin’?


    Wouldn’t it be great to be given free – or low cost – business help? Firms prepared to search will find that there is plenty available; they just need to narrow down the options, writes Adam Bernstein.

  • Fleur Lewis is a partner at Bishop Fleming Accountants

    Making VAT Digital: are you ready?


    With only a few months to go before VAT registered businesses have to keep digital records and use computer software to file their VAT returns online, it is time to prepare for the digital changeover, writes Fleur Lewis.

  • Chris Jones is founder of the Knot Agency

    Do trends pass us by?


    The World Cup is now a distant memory for most of us, writes Chris Jones. However, during the course of the tournament the England success captured the attention of the country and created a truly trending event, even amongst those not interested in football.

  • Kate O'Sullivan is MD of ADPR

    Invest in internal communications


    Lots of emphasis is placed on communicating externally with customers, clients, partners, suppliers and stakeholders, writes Kate O''Sullivan.

  • Andy Sims is MD of AJS Technical Services

    Person Behind the Face – Andy Sims – AJS Technical Services


    How I got into this industry…I started working life as an engineering apprentice in the Midlands, geographically as far from the sea as is possible in the UK, with little knowledge of ‘marine’ apart from a ferry trip when I was ten. I ended up at Cooney Marine which became ...

  • Mark Stevens is an associate in the employment department of law firm VWV.

    Social media in the workplace


    Social media can be extremely useful in the workplace with many businesses using platforms to promote their brand, writes Mark Stevens.

  • Jeremy White is loft manager at Elvstrom Sails

    Person Behind the Face: Jeremy White –Elvstrom Sails


    How I got into this industry…Aged 14 I had a Saturday job at Knight and Pink Marine dinghy builders, and this turned into an apprenticeship. Boat building was not for me, so I joined a sail loft called North Sails. I found the transition of turning a flat bit of ...

  • Kate O'Sullivan is the MD at ADPR

    Plan. Practise. Learn. Repeat – the importance of crisis planning


    Everyday seems to reveal significant crises in organisations. It’s easy to bury your head in the sand and think it won’t happen, but the reality is at some point an organisation – no matter their size - will face a crisis, writes Kate O''Sullivan.

  • Fleur Lewis is a partner at Bishop Fleming Accountants

    Making sure you are GDPR ready


    The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) became law on May 25 2018, so it is important to check how these new rules may affect your organisation.