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  • Paul Morton is tax director at the Office of Tax Simplification

    Tax simplification review: comments sought


    The UK tax code is one of the longest in the world and it keeps growing. The Government acted in 2010 to tackle this complexity by setting up the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) to advise the Chancellor on ways of simplifying the tax system.

  • Bob Stockley is MD at Icom (UK)

    Person Behind the Face: Bob Stockley – Icom (UK) MD


    How I got into this industry…Accidentally. I was doing casual work around the local markets in Kent when I left school, involving selling clothing (stay-pressed and tonic suits) and collecting fruit and veg from New Covent Garden.

  • Andrew Rayment is a partner in the employment department of law firm Walker Morris

    Wage deductions are unlawful unless authorised


    Section 13 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 sets out the provisions that protect workers from unauthorised deductions (known as unlawful deductions) being made from their wages.

  • Fleur Lewis is a partner at Bishop Fleming Accountants

    The minimum wage / pension increases


    The new tax year brings a number of key changes for employers. Two pressing financial adjustments are the new employee rates of pay to comply with the national minimum wage (NMW) regulations and increases in workplace pension contributions.

  • Mark Stevens is an associate in the employment department of law firm VWV

    Using social media in the workplace is widely debated


    Social media can be extremely useful in the workplace with many businesses using platforms to promote their brand, writes Mark Stevens.

  • Kate O'Sullivan is MD at ADPR

    GDPR comes into force this month


    The much-discussed EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into effect later this month (May 25 2018). Ideally by now you will have your ducks in a row, but don’t fret if not - there’s still time - just, writes Kate O''Sullivan.

  • Rachel Hibberd is director of Dean & Reddyhoff

    Rachel Hibberd - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…I took a temporary job after university with a charter company, and I’ve been in and around the industry ever since.

  • Fleur Lewis is a partner at Bishop Fleming accountants

    Spring Statement news for business


    Despite the Spring Statement being a low-key affair, there were nevertheless a few business-related consultations published. Perhaps the most important is the government’s review of the VAT threshold - frozen in the autumn Budget at £85,000 until March 2020, writes Fleur Lewis.

  • Kate O'Sullivan is MD of ADPR

    Consumer trust cannot be bought


    As consumers, we have grown savvy to adverts. We would rather trust the opinion of someone like us, someone who has ‘tried and tested’ the product and tell us whether it works or if it’s worth the purchase price.

  • Ed Husband is a partner and head of litigation and recoveries at law firm VWV

    Effective contracts help protect a business


    The first few months of 2018 have seen the financial demise of three high profile businesses - Carillion, Maplin and Toys R Us. In addition, administrators from KPMG have been appointed over Oyster Marine Holdings and Oyster Marine, writes Ed Husband.

  • Fleur Lewis is a partner at Bishop Fleming Accountants

    Time to review tax affairs


    As the end of the tax year approaches it’s a good opportunity to review tax affairs to ensure allowable allowances are claimed, writes Fleur Lewis.

  • Kate O'Sullivan is MD of ADPR

    A picture is worth 60,000 words - why visuals are so important


    The increased influence of digital and social media platforms in recent years means we now live in a world where communication is increasingly visual – think emojis, GIFs and video calling writes Kate O''Sullivan.

  • Technology lawyer Dai Davis of Percy Crow Davis & Co argues that UK businesses should register their trademarks

    Trademarks – are they worth registering?


    As Boating Business has previously reported, Hanse Yachts recently obtained preliminary injunction against an Italian imitation of its Fjord motor boats. The case essentially revolves around trademarks. Technology lawyer Dai Davis of Percy Crow Davis & Co argues that UK businesses should register their trademarks as these are valuable and ...

  • Adrian Miles is the MD of Bruntons Propellers

    Adrian Miles - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…I grew up in a sailing family racing dinghies and thought what can I do that involves boats. The initial idea was to be a yacht designer but I ended up making propellers. Not sure quite how that happened but it has given me a ...

  • Robert Games is the MD of Albright IP

    Is the UK boat industry missing out on innovation tax savings?


    Intellectual Property (IP) is vital for the UK boat sector, not only does it create much needed value in the sector but it protects its innovations and the many great brands that make it up, writes Robert Games.

  • Kate O'Sullivan is owner and MD of ADPR

    The changing role of social media in communications


    With the development of social media channels, businesses now have the chance for direct communication with their customers in real time. We take a look at how companies are using social platforms as their primary method for communication, writes Kate O''Sullivan.

  • Richard Roberts and Simon White are joint CEO and co-founders of TheYachtMarket.com

    Richard Roberts and Simon White – People Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…. RR: I wasn’t happy in the world of commercial architecture. It was either a property or boats portal and my passion for sailing and love of the ocean won. SW: Richard had the idea of building an online boating marketplace. With my background ...

  • Fleur Lewis is a partner at Bishop Fleming Accountants

    New commissioner to help businesses with their credit control


    Small firms struggling to deal with business customers who are slow payers have new help in the form of a small business commissioner, writes Fleur Lewis.

  • Peter Shervington is a senior associate at Eversheds Sutherland

    Product branding and product liability risk


    Product liability is creeping ever higher up the list of boardroom priorities for businesses, writes Peter Shervington. Increased media attention on product safety incidents brings the potential for a badly managed crisis to kill off a company entirely.

  • Jason Piper is a senior manager in tax and business Law at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

    New year, new tax challenges


    January is always a good time to look ahead and make plans and HMRC is doing its bit to assist firms in that regard. With a raft of announcements in the November Budget there are a number of proposals that, when implemented, will affect how a business runs its tax ...