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  • Kate O'Sullivan, ADPR MD

    How to maximise exhibitions using social media


    If you’re exhibiting at a show, its important to have social media platforms and content schedules ready. Here’s a quick social media check list to help navigate your way to a productive show season, writes Kate O''Sullivan, MD at ADPR.

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    How to get that five star review


    If you need convincing on why third party review sites matter - research has revealed that 92% of customers use reviews from sites like Trip Advisor or Trust Pilot to help them make purchasing decisions. Trip Advisor alone reaches 350 million unique visitors a month and sees 200 new contributions ...

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    Networking events remain a mystery to me in our wonderful marine world. We are on the main, an industry of links and networks, where you don’t need five links to be connected to any one; its more like two or even one. We are a small industry doing great things ...

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    What to do when you receive an employment tribunal claim


    If you receive an employment tribunal claim - an ET1 form - Mark Stevens, a solicitor at Veale Wasbrough Vizards, says the priority is to check the initial action required: “Employers have 28 days from receipt of the ET1 to respond to the claim by filing form ET3 with the ...

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    Anniversary time


    I can’t believe we have got here, but this column marks the 50th Cardinal Sin ramblings. Oh how time flies when you’re having fun/getting old.

  • Kate O'Sullivan, MD ADPR

    Sponsorship - more than just a logo?


    All eyes have been on Ben Ainslie and the Landrover BAR team as they’ve prepared to compete in the America’s Cup and as a result their sponsors are also in the spotlight says Kate O''Sullivan, MD ADPR.

  • Shaun Wigley

    Person Behind the Face Shaun Wigley – ASAP Supplies


    How I got into this industry…. Applying for a job as a warehouse assistant at ASAP and never looked back.

  • Fleur Lewis

    Late payers forced to reveal payment practices


    Cash flow is a key factor for many small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), particularly for those that struggle frequently with being paid late by their trade customers, writes Fleur Lewis.

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    The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy


    The long-awaited Apprenticeship Levy for UK employers came into effect from 6 April 2017. It’s designed to significantly increase the number of apprenticeships in the UK and is an obligation on all qualifying UK employers to fund new apprenticeships from May 2017, writes Mark Stevens.

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    Survey time?


    So while your busy going about your day-to-day business, rapidly adjusting to the changing world and changing opportunity bubble, I ask when was the last time someone asked you how you are?

  • Simon Boulding

    Simon Boulding, person behind the face


    How I got into this industry….Completely by accident. I went out on a corporate trip in a Force 7 on a Sigma 38 with a skipper with a beard and a pipe. Gave some free marketing advice to the charter company, increased their turnover dramatically, was offered free shares in ...

  • Fleur Lewis is a partner at Bishop Fleming accountants

    Tax implications for the UK as EU divorce begins


    Once the UK leaves the EU it is likely the first practical impact will be felt on sales to and purchases from, the remaining EU. The key practical implications are as follows writes Fleur Lewis, partner at Bishop Fleming accountants:

  • Fleur Lewis

    Family businesses


    Family businesses can be challenging to run, as the dynamics of blood relations can lead to emotional decision making and even family bust ups.

  • Derek Gilbert

    Person Behind the Face - Derek Gilbert


    How I got into this industry….I learned to sail at an early age in a Yarmouth Scow and this love of water led to a career in the Merchant Navy. From a junior engineer officer with a tanker company, I became a field service engineer, travelling globally and working on ...

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    Help make VAT simpler


    VAT is a tax that, from the government’s point of view, is very successful. It raised some £117bn last year – 22% of government revenues. And it’s cheap to collect – the VAT-registered trader does most of the work and HMRC just polices it, writes Adam Bernstein.

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    Sum of many parts


    It’s a constant amazement to me that we make world class marine based products, while at the same time happily sit in splendid isolation.

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    Rent, lease or buy?


    Acquiring equipment - how should you pay for it? Cash will deplete reserves and could affect cashflow; renting or leasing will have inbuilt charges added on by the supplier, writes Adam Bernstein.

  • Phil Cornick

    Phil Cornick - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…. Hunger!

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    Brexit negotiations: Protection of rights


    As Parliament debates the Bill to leave the European Union, Equality and Human Rights Commission Chairman, David Isaac, has called for equality and human rights impact assessments to be included. “As negotiations begin over the terms of Brexit, any deals reached must be assessed for their impact on people’s rights.

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    Extending the life of a family business


    Just like people, businesses don’t really die of old age – they die because of accident, disease or deliberate actions. Unlike people though, the majority of family run businesses are disposed of deliberately, because the owners fancy a change or can’t find a family member to take them on, writes ...