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  • Matt Ovenden, Borrow a Boat

    Person Behind the Face - Matt Ovenden


    How I got into this industry…I’ve been an avid boater since childhood – I grew up waterskiing and wakeboarding in the Blackwater Estuary, as well as racing Dart catamarans and in my teens enjoyed sailing yachts.

  • Interview, photo by Van Tay Media on Unsplash

    Use stay interviews to understand employees


    There’s a shortage of labour across many business sectors. Partly due to changing demographics and the changing nature of many industries, it’s also a function of what has been termed ‘the big quit’ where following Covid many re-evaluated their lives and decided, where they could, to enjoy what time they ...

  • Paul Kelly, EYE Marine

    Person Behind the Face - Paul Kelly


    How I got into this industry…After a couple of years in retail, I landed an apprenticeship in Portsmouth Dockyard as a ships rigger. Unfortunately, due to Mrs Thatcher’s cut backs and privatisation, I was made redundant and was lucky enough to find a job with Lucas Sails as a yacht ...

  • Jenny Walford ADPR

    What makes a good PR campaign?


    Good PR campaigns take a lot of time and effort, but when done well can be game-changing for any business by attracting positive media attention and creating a positive relationship with your target audience.

  • On the water-Inland, British Marine

    Building on the boom


    Understanding consumer trends and customer requirements is critical to any business. 

  • Sea Sure Dan Henderson

    Person Behind the Face - Dan Henderson


    How I got into this industry…After I finished my degree at Portsmouth University I visited the Southampton Boat Show in 2011 with the aim of making some connections to find a role within the marine industry. My dad has been a sailmaker for most of his life so we were ...

  • Elaine Cox, Knot Agency

    Should my business join Tik Tok?


    Every marketeer will tell you that every so often, they will hear the dreaded words ‘oh my niece/child/old friend’s son can help with social media, they are good at all that stuff and think we should be on tik tok’, writes Elaine Cox.

  • Lucy Gordon - July 2021

    The indelicate matter of pay


    Employers and employees are under the cosh from rising costs. And given the inflationary pressures all are experiencing, pay is a subject that isn’t going away any time soon, writes Lucy Gordon.

  • British Marine SIBS VIP

    Book your VIP corporate hospitality event at the new Southampton International Boat Show Quayside Club


    Whether a breakfast meeting or an all-expenses paid trip to the races, companies of all sizes use hospitality as a mechanism to build and develop relationships with clients, network and generate new business.

  • Jenny Walford ADPR

    Using Pinterest to boost organic traffic to your website


    Pinterest is both a social media platform and search engine, with over two billion searches each month. Unlike most social networks, Pinterest provides the opportunity for businesses to boost traffic to their websites, increase conversion rates and build brand awareness.

  • Adam Bernstein

    Service means business


    Picture this. You’re a small chandler that’s run quite happily for years. But there’s a new operation in town. How can you compete against the newcomer – and the web?

  • British Marine generic boat pic

    New look VIP comes to the Southampton International Boat Show


    Innovate to succeed was the theme the first British Marine National Conference earlier this year and with this firmly in mind we have been reviewing our VIP offering for the Southampton International Boat Show, to ensure we are delivering what people want from a VIP experience.

  • Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

    BNPL – An acronym for success?


    Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash In a time of rising cost individuals are especially keen to make purchases as affordable as possible, writes Adam Bernstein. Cheques are history and cash is declining leaving debit and credit cards to take up the slack. The problem is ...

  • Kate Moss Knot Agency

    Cost-of-living crisis marketing tips


    The cost-of-living rising is at pace and running a business is nerve-wracking

  • Matt Newland, Swallow Yachts

    Person Behind the Face - Matt Newland


    How I got into this industry…My father Nick started Swallow when I was still at school. I always had a keen interest, working for the business in the holidays and for a year out between university and a “proper job”. I managed three years in said job, before quitting to ...

  • CORRECT RATIO USE ME! British marine logo

    Supporting members on the international stage


    For many businesses reaching new audiences and expanding is key and one way to do that is overseas. However, where to start can seem daunting. One great way is by attending one the many fantastic international boat shows or trade events. These offer a great opportunity to showcase ...

  • Kate O'Sullivan (2)

    The value of paid media partnerships in PR campaigns


    Media partnership can be the golden ticket in landing your dream piece of content in a target channel, writes Kate O’Sullivan.

  • Charlotte Morris, senior solicitor, ESP Law

    The Practicalities of Employing and Dismissing Apprentices


    Firms employ apprentices for any number of reasons, chief of which are the cost savings available given that a lower minimum wage applies specifically for apprentices aged under 19, or aged 19 and over who are in the first year of their apprenticeship, writes Charlotte Morris.

  • Ian Stevenson

    Person Behind the Face - Ian Stevenson


    How I got into this industry… I was working for Kraft foods, it was a choice of selling Dairylea to Asda or selling boats to nice friendly folk. My first job was at Buckden Marina in Cambridgeshire, then it was onto Ronstan, Bainbridge, Lewmar and in 2010 I started with ...

  • CORRECT RATIO USE ME! British marine logo

    Time to reflect, review and renew


    As we close the membership year, it is the perfect time to reflect on all the support and opportunities we’ve delivered for our members.