Person Behind the Face – Page 2

  • Stephanie Horton is MD of River Canal Rescue

    Person Behind the Face - Stephanie Horton


    How I got into this industry…I married the wrong man! Both myself and Trevor (CEO) are engineers and he developed a passion for boats, and quickly identified a need for a service like the RAC and AA…then I got roped in and now I live, sleep and breath boats.

  • Kiran Haslam is chief marketing officer for Princess Yachts Limited

    Person Behind the Face - Kiran Haslam


    How I got into this industry…A long and winding path. I had established a reputation for re-inventing brands, and back in 2014 the owners of Princess were hoping I could jump aboard and shake things up.

  • Getting out onto the water helps Steve Hurst cope with stress

    Person Behind The Face - Steve Hurst


    How I got into this industry…A Royal Navy career was thwarted by (bad) eyesight. A seasonal job at Seamark Nunn’s Chandlery in Suffolk developed into a fulltime role. The business grew significantly being early online adopters.

  • Karen Underwood is joint MD of Spirit Yachts

    Person Behind The Face - Karen Underwood


    How I got into this industry…I was away on holiday and my mum saved the job pages from the local paper as she had spotted an advert for a production assistant and PA to the managing director at Oyster Yachts. I joined Oyster over 20 years’ ago and I haven’t ...

  • Malcolm Stewart is branch manager at A-Plan Commercial Marine

    Person Behind The Face - Malcolm Stewart


    How I got into this industry…First job offer after university was from French insurance company Groupama. That led to a job in broking and then I was given my first best bit of advice which led to commercial marine insurance.

  • Graham O'Connor is European sales manager at Marlow Ropes

    Person Behind The Face - Graham O'Connor


    How I got into this industry…I started in the industry around 15 years ago managing stock for a European rope importer. I had great opportunities to learn a lot about how rope is used in various applications and in different industries. I gained first-hand knowledge about splicing ropes, before being ...

  • Marie-Claude Heys was MD of Key Yachting until January 2021

    Person Behind The Face - Marie-Claude Heys


    How I got into this industry…at the end of my professional sailing carrier, Paul Heys offered me the ideal job, half office based, half outside looking after the boats. And the rest is history…

  • Robert Parton is MD of Church Minshull Aqueduct Marina

    Person Behind The Face - Robert Parton


    How I got into this industry…By chance, and out of economic necessity. The canal has always run past what was our dairy farm in Church Minshull, one day back around the early 2000’s a canal engineer working on the canal pointed at the field by the canal and said that ...

  • Ben Allen is general manager – marine, E. P. Barrus

    Person Behind the Face - Ben Allen


    How I got into this industry… From an early age, boating has been a big part of my life. I qualified as a powerboat instructor and was actively involved in search and rescue becoming a water rescue instructor and, for the last 12 years, water incident manager for DEFRA’s National ...

  • Lou Johnson is director of Box PR

    Person Behind the Face - Lou Johnson


    How I got into this industry…Through a passion for sailing when my father taught me to sail as soon as I could walk. I went to university in Southampton and from there straight into the marine industry, where I have continued my professional development.

  • Sir Richard Matthews is founder and director of Oyster Yachts

    Person Behind the Face - Sir Richard Matthews


    How I got into this industry: It all started more or less by accident in an attempt to build a one-off racing yacht tax efficiently. We won races and at the end the season we were approached by potential buyers asking ‘where can I get one of these’ – the ...

  • Andrea Frabetti is CEO of Sunseeker International

    Person Behind The Face - Andrea Frabetti


    How I got into this industry…I was always obsessed with boats from a very early age. My passion led me to complete my Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering degree from Università di Genova and I’ve been doing what I love ever since.

  • David Johnson is sales director at Halyard

    Person Behind The Face - David Johnson


    How I got into this industry… Weekends on the family boat on the River Thames in the 1970’s led to boating holidays abroad. With the sea well and truly in my veins, my working life started with four years as an engineer in the Royal Navy. I then moved into ...

  • Nick Gill is commercial director at Harbour Assist

    Person Behind the Face - Nick Gill


    How I got into this industry…I’m a farmer’s son, but I studied product design and my second job was with Gul, designing wetsuits in Cornwall, where I fell in love with the sea. My tech expertise came from starting a surf forecasting website and the practical side from ten years ...

  • Paul Holland is MD of Energy Solutions

    Person Behind the Face - Paul Holland


    How I got into this industry…I bought a 38m Dutch Barge. Contacts in that community put me onto some Dutch manufacturers of products which led me to giving up a perfectly good job and starting up Energy Solutions.

  • Sean Roebuck is director of SeaDek

    Person Behind The Face - Sean Roebuck


    How I got into this industry…I’ve been boating for over ten years and while my boat was in the Med I realised that sun and hot decks were an issue. After some investigating I discovered SeaDek but it was only available in the USA. I called them, flew to Florida ...

  • Jane Gentry is the CEO of YBDSA, the professional association for yacht brokers, designers and surveyors through ABYA and YDSA

    Person Behind The Face - Jane Gentry


    How I got into this industry…I came into the industry by accident. I was looking for a secretarial job in Woking, where I lived and the RYA had a vacancy jointly with the legal department working for Gordon Fairley and the Seamanship Foundation working for Lt Col Douglas Hurndall. The ...

  • Kate O'Sullivan is MD of ADPR

    Person Behind the Face- Kate O’Sullivan


    How I got into this industry…By accident. I loved to write it was mentioned that PR might be a good fit. I researched local PR agencies, found ADPR, wrote to see if there were any vacancies and the rest is history.

  • Ray Badminton is MD of SM Group

    Person Behind the Face - Ray Badminton


    How I got into this industry…. Doing my RYA Yachtmaster in 2000 the instructor showed me some marine navigation software written by his brother. Having worked for Microsoft in the past, I saw its potential and started up EVO distribution developing its use on land, air and sea. In 2015 ...

  • Christian Brewer is sales manager at Barton Marine Equipment

    Person Behind the Face - Christian Brewer


    How I got into this industry…I worked in the family fruit farming and wholesale business supplying 100 fruit shops in Kent and working the London produce markets. The industry slumped in the early 90’s so when Dad retired and sold up I needed to rethink my life. I studied the ...