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  • Rachel Hibberd is director of Dean & Reddyhoff

    Rachel Hibberd - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…I took a temporary job after university with a charter company, and I’ve been in and around the industry ever since.

  • Adrian Miles is the MD of Bruntons Propellers

    Adrian Miles - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…I grew up in a sailing family racing dinghies and thought what can I do that involves boats. The initial idea was to be a yacht designer but I ended up making propellers. Not sure quite how that happened but it has given me a ...

  • Richard Roberts and Simon White are joint CEO and co-founders of

    Richard Roberts and Simon White – People Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…. RR: I wasn’t happy in the world of commercial architecture. It was either a property or boats portal and my passion for sailing and love of the ocean won. SW: Richard had the idea of building an online boating marketplace. With my background ...

  • Mark Luffingham sailing on board Jessica

    Mark Luffingham - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry… My mother saw an advert for a sales manager/director at marine electronics manufacturer Stowe Marine. The following morning, I went to look at the building, met the MD and that evening submitted my CV. 185 applicants and four interviews later, the job was mine.

  • Rob Stevens is MD of Topsail Insurance

    Rob Stevens - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…My Father started in Lloyd’s in the late 50’s, then my brother in the 80’s so in 1986 it was a natural progression for me to go onto a Lloyd’s marine syndicate. I’ve been in marine insurance ever since. I’m not sure what I want ...

  • David Mossman is UK sales manager for Marlow Ropes

    David Mossman - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…it seemed inevitable after growing up in a marine industry family and always having one foot in a race boat. Only sorry I didn’t join the team at Marlow sooner.

  • Karl Sutcliffe is technical sales director at Lee San

    Karl Sutcliffe - person behind the face


    How I got into this industry… My family have always had boats. My father was in the marine industry for 23 years and his love for boating influenced me and brought me into the industry back in 2004. The rest is history as they say.

  • Chris Feibush is head of global marketing for Drew Marine Signal & Safety

    Chris Feibusch - person behind the face


    How I got into this industry….I thought I’d try to make a living out of my passion for sailing, so I bought a chandlery shop almost immediately after leaving school at the age of 18.

  • David Barrow

    David Barrow - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry… When I was 18, I was employed by the John Lewis Partnership and work was getting in the way of sailing. I applied for a job with Newton Crum Insurance. David, the owner, had through sheer hard work, developed a thriving business and ...

  • Shaun Wigley

    Person Behind the Face Shaun Wigley – ASAP Supplies


    How I got into this industry…. Applying for a job as a warehouse assistant at ASAP and never looked back.

  • Simon Boulding

    Simon Boulding, person behind the face


    How I got into this industry….Completely by accident. I went out on a corporate trip in a Force 7 on a Sigma 38 with a skipper with a beard and a pipe. Gave some free marketing advice to the charter company, increased their turnover dramatically, was offered free shares in ...

  • Derek Gilbert

    Person Behind the Face - Derek Gilbert


    How I got into this industry….I learned to sail at an early age in a Yarmouth Scow and this love of water led to a career in the Merchant Navy. From a junior engineer officer with a tanker company, I became a field service engineer, travelling globally and working on ...

  • Phil Cornick

    Phil Cornick - Person Behind the Face


    How I got into this industry…. Hunger!

  • Peta Stuart-Hunt

    The person behind the face - Peta Stuart-Hunt


    Interview by Alice Driscoll, founder, ADPR Ltd How I got into this industry….I left London for the South Coast and in 1984 joined WSA, a leading marketing and advertising agency specialising in the marine leisure market. I gradually developed the PR division over eight years.

  • Russell Currie

    Russell Currie – Fairline, PBTF


    How I got into this industry…. I studied mechanical and production engineering at Plymouth University and saw an advert for a ‘Powerboat Test Engineer’ at Princess. Aged 23 and impressed by the great job title, I applied, got the job which turned out to be a serious job with ...

  • Dominic Smulders

    Dominic Smulders


    1. How I got into this industry…. By sitting at the back of the class at school not listening

  • Clay Builder

    Clay Builder - NautiBuoy


    1.How I got into this industry…. My father owned a windsurfing school and was a yacht broker and commodore of a yacht club in Mallorca. I was swimming before I could walk, sailed from an early age and did my first Atlantic crossing aged17. I bailed out of Uni and ...

  • Louise Fuller

    Louise Fuller


    How I got into this industry….By accident. I was asked whether I fancied practising “yacht law” and I thought it sounded fun – doing my passion for a day job.

  • Paul Gullett

    Paul Gullett


    How I got into this industry….Somehow I got a job at Cougar Marine in the 70’s. It’s too long ago to remember how! With fast boats and travel, it was a great first job.

  • Marie-Claude-Heys-image.jpg

    Marie-Claude Heys


    1.How I got into this industry…. I was a professional racing sailor in the 80s and 90s embracing the globetrotting lifestyle. I dropped anchor in Hamble, got offered the dream settling down job and then, set up a new business with … my boss.