Pinpoint Works

Pinpoint Works

The inspiration for Pinpoint Works came during our Founder, and super yacht Captain, James Stockdale's personal experience managing a warranty list for a large yacht in the final stages of the build. Using inadequate spreadsheets passed among dozens of people, items getting left out or forgotten, and forever losing information in the sea of email chains, James decided it was time for an upgrade to the way we were working and communicating. 

The idea was simple:​

1) Keep the look and feel of a spreadsheet

2) Attach plans for pinpointing locations

3) Allow adding photos, videos and files

4) Ensure real-time access to the latest information

5) Integrating mobile devices for iOS and Android

Created, tested and approved by shipyard project managers, independent contractors, paint surveyors, and yacht crew, Pinpoint Works is supporting hundreds of yachts and maritime businesses all over the world. Pinpoint Works has found appeal in both maritime and land-based sectors due its simple design, customizable features and affordable pricing.