EchoPilot makes the invisible visible

EchoPilot EchoPilot

Daniamant is proud to present EchoPilot Forward Looking Sonars (FLS). The FLS 3D, The FLS 2D and The FLS Platinum Engine. The FLS 3D is the latest development of the well proven patented Echopilot Forward Looking Sonar, which displays a 3-dimensional representation of the underwater scene ahead of the boat.

The FLS 2D offers all the best features of the EchoPilot forward sonar range, now displayed on a full colour transflective TFT LCD.
The FLS Platinum Engine enables the modern yacht with integrated displays to add color FLS with a minimum of fuss.
Daniamant’s range of EchoPilot’s Forward Looking Sonars have one of the leading technologies in the market and gives real time sonar images of the underwater scene ahead. The easy to install system can fit in both leisure boats and industrial ships.  The EchoPilot gives real time feedback every 0.5-2 seconds. You’ll always be updated about what underwater dangers or objects are in front of you, giving plenty of time to avoid a collision.  
The number one boat insurance claim is hitting an object underwater. Unfamiliar waters, submerged objects, rocks or rock beds, these are all issues when sailing. The EchoPilot shows hidden underwater objects and alerts the captain of possible dangers ahead.

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