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  • Every millimetre counts when designing water storage tanks

    Maximising space and capacity


    An important factor of an efficient and effective water system is to have adequate tank storage meeting on board demand and regulation, points out Jolyon Martin, business development manager for Tek Tanks.

  • Recover recycles grey water waste

    Recycle and save water


    When it comes to making savings in fuel and money on a boat, many people focus on propulsion and then look at the efficiencies of different components.

  • Dometic’s XZ Series enables boat owners to purify both seawater and freshwater with a single machine

    Single machine for purifying water


    Dometic’s new XZ Series of compact watermakers enables boat owners to purify both seawater and freshwater with a single machine.

  • Fischer Panda UK has added the high-capacity Aqua Matic XL to its range of watermakers.

    Fischer Panda expands its watermaker range


    Fischer Panda UK has added the high-capacity Aqua Matic XL to its range of watermakers.

  • Whale's new grey waste tank handles typical shower and galley sink waste

    Complex water systems are required


    Larger vessels with additional home comforts on board require more complex water systems. That’s the finding of Whale Pumps that has been supplying the marine industry for more than 20 years writes Katina Read.

  • The Pure H2O Company has launched its Quatreau SmartTap into the marine market

    Quatreau SmartTap launched


    The Pure H2O Company has launched its Quatreau SmartTap into the marine market. The system is designed to provide pure boiling, sparkling, chilled or ambient water at the touch of a button.

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    Latest BIO-SEA by BIO-UV system


    BIO-SEA by BIO-UV designs, manufactures and markets the latest BIO-SEA small flow rate ballast water treatment system which combines mechanical filtration and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection without any chemical treatment.

  • Whale's new lid for its grey waste tank

    Whale evolves its waste tank


    Whale has continued to evolve its grey waste tank with the development of a dual protection lid with two watertight sealing lips to prevent water ingress.

  • Whale has updated its Supersub pump

    Marathon Leisure is sole distributor


    Whale has appointed Marathon Leisure as sole UK distributor for its marine range.

  • Showermi$er.jpg

    Aqua View’s new water saving system


    Aqua View has introduced a water saving system that will fit to a shower or sink. Showermi$er works by redirecting cold water that will normally go down the drain back into the fresh water tank.

  • The SeaSmart saves odours

    SeaSmart saves odours


    SeaSmart took five years for Derek Withrington to develop. Now, after four years in the market, the product is sold worldwide and last year saw growth of 35%.

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    Break tank prevents contamination


    In 2006 the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme published guidance on making sure contamination of mains water doesn’t occur.

  • Whale's Gulper IC

    Growing move towards automation


    In terms of current water system trends, along with the move towards a home from home experience, there has also been a move towards automation.

  • HP Watermaker installation

    Nautical Equipment takes on HP Watermakers


    Nautical Equipment took on the UK distributorship for HP Watermakers earlier this year.

  • Planus Artic toilet and bidet

    New range from Planus


    Following on from its Artic range, Planus has released a new range of Smart toilets that includes a standard and short model, a standard flat back and a cut back model.

  • Marco's electronic water pump with an ‘electronic brain'

    Electronic brain varies the speed


    An ‘electronic brain’ means the speed of Marco’s electronic water pump will vary according to demand.

  • Xylem's LoPro LP900 pump

    Design is even more of a requirement


    Customers are used to having great design in their homes and while this has always been important in the marine world, it seems to have become even more of a requirement in recent years.

  • The LoPro LP900 Pump

    Low-profile bilge pump


    BILGE PUMP: Global water technology expert, Xylem, has developed a versatile and powerful bilge pump for small areas, which it says will provide the recreational boat industry with a highly customisable solution.

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    Reliability of O-rings is increased


    For Mactra Marine Equipment, the UK distributor for Katadyn and Schenker water makers, one of the latest innovations seen over the last few years is the encapsulation of dynamic O-rings in plastic.

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    Latest generation of water makers from Parker Water


    Parker Water has launched the latest generation of its Aqua Whisper Pro series of fully manual water makers.